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Is your Keyboard a Maze of Confusion?
Learn how to type better and faster!

Do you 'hunt and peck' on the keyboard? Do you have to look down at the keyboard to find the keys you want to type? Do you use one hand or cross your hands over top of each other? Do you use all your fingers to type or just one or two?

Learning to type is not difficult - the key is:
PRACTICE - PRACTICE - PRACTICE! There is no getting around it! With practise and some basic understanding you too can learn to type better and faster!

Think about this.....
Typing has been around for a very long time. Your parents learned to type on heavy manual typewriters. There was no backspace key or instant erasing mistakes. It was very time consuming if you were not a good typist.

Next came the electric typewriter, with the added feature of being able to backspace and move around your typed document a bit easier. Later, spell checkers were added to some electric typewriters.

Today most kids learn to 'keyboard' rather then type - on a computer keyboard.

You may be learning how to keyboard in school. If not, you can learn how, or improve your skills, with the many online typing tutorials or software available.

Learning correctly......
To keyboard or type correctly you should use both hands. You should be looking at the screen if you are typing from memory, or, looking at the document you are typing from. You should not be looking at the keyboard - ever! Learning to type correctly will help you type not only faster, but more efficiently as well. Your typos will be less frequent and you will be able to get done what you are doing a lot quicker!

Want to become a better more efficient typist?
Try these resources:

Learn2Type easy & free
A free web site that teaches Touch Typing through your web browser, with interactive exercises that adjust to your performance. Games and contests provide diversion between lessons.

MasterMind Typing downloadable shareware
You can learn to touch type with this program also available in Spanish. There is a fee after you download.

Typing Pal Online easy & free
Well done online typing course that is easy to use. You can do some exercises online but need to register for full course. Additional help programs can be purchased. You'll need Flash to use. Worth a try!

Super Typing Wizard downloadable trial
Instructional typing program teaches proper posture and keyboarding skills from basic through intermediate.

Rank My Typing easy & free
The standard measurement for how fast one types is Words Per Minute, abbreviated to WPM. Take this test to see how many words you can successfully type in one minute. See how you rank!

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