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Dew Action Sports Tour
Meet the Skaters

Ryan Sheckler The Dew Action Sports Tour is the first-ever, season-long professional multi-sport tour in action sports. Owned by NBC Universal and Clear Channel Entertainment - Motor Sports, the Dew Action Sports Tour consists of multi-sport events and entertainment festivals covering more than one million square feet in both indoor and outdoor venues. Key lifestyle elements at each Tour stop will include live cutting-edge music, video gaming and interactive events.

The top BMX, FMX and Skaterboard riders from around the world will be on tour this summer. You can catch all the action on the official Dew Action Sports Tour site.

You can meet some of the Dew Action Sports Tour members right here at Kids' Turn Central, check out:

As the season progresses we'll be offering a Q&A with some of the athletes so check back for more, coming soon!

For official results and athlete rankings and tour schedule check out the Tour Standings on the Dew Action Sports Tour site.

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