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Kids Turn Sports

About Fishing

Perch Fishing is a great way to relax, enjoy nature and learn about life.

Fishing Guide Ronnie Garrison shares how you can get started fishing.

Most important, says Ronnie, is for an adult to take kids and spend time with them - even if both are learning at the same time.

A cane pole, hook and bobber have been the ways many have started, and they are excellent basics. A spin cast reel and rod, some hooks, sinkers and bobbers are good, too.

Starting kids out fishing for bream with live worms and crickets will give you lots of action to keep your interest up!

Start out going to a small pond first, don't tackle the big lakes until later unless that is the only place you have access to, says Ronnie. This is how I started out fishing with my father. We use to go to the closest lake and drop lines in. We usually didn't bring home big fish, but it's a great way to get started, and get the feel for catching a fish.

Ronnie recommends you always keep an eye on younger kids, and make them wear a life jacket while around the water and to teach them to swim as soon as possible.

Carry a first aid kit - you will need it! And remember the sun block and bug repellant every time you go out.

If you are just starting out fishing check out Ronnie's Beginners Resources for great tips and information.

Live near an ocean? Why not try a little saltwater fishing.

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