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Kids Turn Sports

Salt Water Fishing

On the Ocean "Give a kid a fish and he has food for a day. Teach a kid to fish and he has food for a lifetime." Ron Brooks, Saltwater Fishing Guide.

Before you jump in a boat and head out on the ocean it's a good idea to learn the basics of fishing.

Ron explains that any tackle shop can provide the basics to get started. Every area of the country is different, so tackle will vary. But one thing that is needed in all areas of the country: Parents and/or adults who will take the time and have the patience to teach a kid to fish.

Ron offers these tips on getting started:

  • Go on short fishing outings to a place that can be assured of catching a fish. Pay-to-fish ponds are ideal.
  • Make a big deal over catching your fish - take a picture. Blow the picture up. Brag on your accomplishments!
  • Over time, go to other locations where catching a fish may not be a sure thing. Enjoy the challenge.
  • If things get boring, change baits, or lures, or move to another spot.
Ron has an excellent article on Teaching a Kid to Fish. As well, Beginners Resources to saltwater fishing.

When I was young I spent a summer vacation on Prince Edward Island where my Dad took me saltwater fishing. It was an amazing vacation and one I highly recommend. It's a completely different experience then fishing in a freshwater river, stream or lake. If you get the opportunity be sure to take it!

I've never had the opportunity to learn Fly Fishing but hope to in the near future with our Fly Fishing Guide Ian Scott who happens to live close enough to me to show me the ropes, or is that flys!

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