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Go Fly a Kite

Fly Away What a great way to spend a summer afternoon! Fly a Kite!

Watching your kite going higher and higher as it catches a good breeze until it's just a speck in the sky -- and you are in complete control of it -- what a thrill!

Flying a kite is a hobby that dates back 2000 years -- from simple flat kites to very elaborate, decorated kites. There are kite clubs for people who love to fly regularly and create new and unique kites.

You don't need to be a professional or spend a lot of money to fly a kite. In fact, you can make your own if you wish. You can find some simple instructions here here, or search Google for lots of ideas.

If you do not want to build a kite, the inexpensive kites you can buy will fly and give you hours and hours of flying fun.

Kite Flying Tips Build your Kite

  • Adult supervision is recommended
  • Never fly a kite near electric wires or poles.
  • Never fly a kite when it's raining.
  • Do not fly a kite near the edge of a steep slope.
  • Buy good quality kite string.
  • Avoid flying a kite near tall trees.
  • Wear gloves to prevent string burns.

For more information on kite safety check out Have a Safe (and Fun!) Kite Season

Have fun this summer - fly a kite!

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