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Marble Terms

Marble Terms
hether you are playing for 'keepsies' or for fun - it's a good idea to know your marble terms.

Terms and play rules vary from place to place.

Here's a list of some common marble terms to get you started:

  • Mib/Kimmie: One of thirteen 5/8" marbles placed in the center of the circle.

  • Shooter/Taw: The marble that the player flicks toward the target mibs. The shooter must be more than 1/2" in diameter, but not over 3/4" in diameter.

  • Knuckling down: A player must have at least one knuckle touching the ground while flicking.

  • Fudging/Histing: A players hand was lifted off of the ground while shooting. A player will lose their turn for doing so.

  • Flicking/Fulking: While knuckling down the shooter is flicked by the thumb out of the players hand.

  • Aggie: Either a marble made out of agate or a glass marble that looks like it's agate. A glass or imitation aggie is also called an immie.

  • Alley: A marble made of marble. Alley is short for alabaster.

  • Bombsies: Dropping your shooter on the target marble.

  • Keepsies: Playing for keeps. You get to keep all the marbles you win.

  • Lagging: A way of choosing who shoots first. Players roll their marbles toward a line in the dirt (the lag line). Whoever gets closest without going over gets to shoot first.

  • Plunking: Hitting the targets on the fly.

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