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Marble Game Play

Don't lose your marbles
he game of marbles is played with variations from playground to playground around the world.

The basic game of marbles is a simple one. The first decision to make is if you are playing for "keepsies" where the winner gets to keep your marbles if you lose -- or just for fun.

Basic Rules

Players: 2 to 6 players.

Needed: Marbles (13 mibs and 1 shooter per player minimum) and a circle.

Each player decides on how many marbles they are going to use in their game.

Players begin by drawing a circle that is 3 to 10 feet in diameter. This is often determined by the skill of the players. The bigger the circle, the better the players.

Players place 13 mibs (one of the thirteen smaller 5/8" marbles) in the center of the circle to form an "X" or a circle.

The game begins by one player knuckling down at the edge of the circle and flicking their shooter. The object is to knock out one or more of the mibs, without the player's shooter leaving the circle. If, the player has been successful, then the player can shoot again from the place where the shooter rested. If, after the player has missed and his/her shooter end up outside the circle, then the player must leave the shooter inside the circle.

The next player takes a turn. Each mib that was knocked out counts for one point. A player may also knock out any other player's shooter that remains in the circle.

The game continues until all of the original mibs have been knocked out. The player with the most points wins.

In some versions the marbles knocked out of the circle are kept by the shooter. This is sometimes called "keepsies".

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