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Kids Turn Sports

Pro Wrestling - Real or Fake?
Do you act like a wrestler?

Professional Wrestling   is everywhere. It's on your TV, you play video games, listen to wrestling CDs, collect trader cards and play with action figures. Do you take it seriously or are you just playing?

Do you know what a Tombstone is? Sweet Chin Music or the One-armed Choke Slam? Kids are watching wrestling and replicating what they see on TV - are you?


"By the time an average child (one who watches two to four hours of television daily) leaves elementary school, he or she will have witnessed 8,000 murders and over 100,000 other acts of violence." (Huston, 1992).


Is it for you? TV ratings systems state that the wrestling shows on cable and broadcast TV are not intended for young kids. Shows like UPN’s new WWF Smackdown, the first hard core wrestling program shown on broadcast TV (Thursdays, 8 PM), is rated TV14, intended for those 14 and up, with additional warnings for suggestive dialogue, coarse language,and violence.
Direct marketing of wrestling toys to children, coupled with TV wrestling’s cross-generational appeal, sends a very different signal and many parents are allowing their kids to buy into it.

Do you know the difference? Kids around the world are imitating wrestling moves they see on TV. A report on ABC's 20/20 showed Backyard Wrestling is becoming a trend and a recent story on Dateline NBC reveiled how a young girl was killed after her friend allegedly used wrestling moves on her.

Do you know the difference between real and fake? Are you trying out these moves on your friends? Are you aware of the potential dangers of doing this?

Professional wrestling has been around for many years but it was not marketed towards kids the way it is now. The violence has escalated as well as sexual content. It is clearly not for young kids. If your parents aren't limiting what you watch, perhaps they should - or perhaps you should decide if pro wrestling is something you should be watching.

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