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Patch adds line of manners games and activities!

Blunders BELOIT, Wis.- Patch Products is excited to announce it will begin selling Blunders® - an award-winning game all about teaching good manners - and Manner Mats® tear-off placemats! The products were developed by etiquette expert Aimee Symington.

Symington, a well-respected authority on manners, created Blunders as a fun way to teach children good behaviors in various social situations. Symington built a career on teaching etiquette in business settings. She has stated that having children motivated her to explore the best practices for teaching etiquette to kids. Symington has shared her suggestions for helping children learn manners to a wide audience through her Successful Kids workshops, and selling the Blunders® game.

Beginning Jan. 1, 2012, Patch will take over sales of the Blunders® game, which has been updated with a fresh new look and brand new scenarios that deal with use of technology in social situations. In addition to Blunders, Symington's Manner Mats - tear-off placemats with etiquette-related games, puzzles and activities - will also be available from Patch! Both are for ages 5 and up and are in line with nationally-established curriculum on character development.

"Patch is excited to add the award-winning Blunders game and Manner Mats activity pads to its growing educational line," said Marketing Director Lisa Wuennemann. "Perfect for parents, grandparents and educators to play with children, Blunders leaves behind the rules of Dos and Don'ts and makes learning manners fun through modeling good behavior and showing positive results. Updated to include questions on cell phones and texting, Blunders and Manner Mats are becoming staples at specialty toy and gift stores."

The Blunders game was designed as a way to help kids discover the etiquette that will help them be successful in life. Symington understood that kids don't always remember the polite way to respond in situations. In the game, the Blunder family is no exception; they are known for their rude behavior, but Billy, Brenda, Bobby and Becky Blunder want to learn manners so they will be invited to the Mannerlys' Annual Pool Party Extravaganza! Good manners will also help them make more friends, do better in school and develop self confidence. Follow them on their manners adventure, moving along the path, reading fun scenarios and answering important manner questions to be the first one invited to the pool party!

With the Blunders® game and Manner Mats, kids can learn about and practice: table manners, host and guest skills, confident introductions, respect and kindness, telephone manners, school etiquette and honesty, as well as electronic etiquette. New for 2012, Patch will launch a Blunders card game for manners fun on the go! Also in the works are preschool Manners Mats, which include games, puzzles and activities for pre-readers.

For more information on Patch Products or Big Little Games, visit or call 1-800-524-4263.

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