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Truth, Security, Deception and Restraint

The Lie Detector, Security Scanner, Decoy Listener and Spy Handcuffs give spies superpowers

(SAN FRANCISCO, January 12, 2010) – In 2010, Wild Planet will release four new Spy Gear gadgets to give young secret agents superpowers. The new tools are the Lie Detector Kit, Security Scanner, Spy Decoy Listener and Spy Handcuffs. Each will be available in mass stores for $9.99 - $19.99 and are designed for kids ages 6 and older.

Lie Detector Kit Lie Detector Kit:
A portable truth-detecting device; includes a galvanic skin response sensor, chart paper (free refills online), tip book and carrying case
Age: 6+ / Suggested Mass Retail Price: $14.99 / Available: Fall 2010

When you need the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth – grab your Lie Detector Kit and get to work! The kit contains a sensor that monitors skin moisture, which increases when someone lies. This truth-detection method, modeled after the galvanic skin response system, is similar to the technology used in polygraph tests during real-life investigations.

Lights on the kit illuminate as more moisture is emitted from a suspect’s fingertips. An increase in lights equals an increased likelihood that your subject is altering the truth. Track the spikes and dips in the light levels to surmise if certain topics are consistently met with dishonest replies.

Because a good detective does not rely on technology alone, the Lie Detector Kit comes with a tip booklet that shares psychological techniques you can use during interrogations. Watch to see if your suspect shifts his gaze to the right, or if he leans away from you; both are subtle indicators he could be stretching the truth.

Security Scanner Security Scanner:
A hand-held metal detector with a light and sound alarm
Age: 6+ / Suggested Mass Retail Price: $19.99 / Available: Fall 2010

Protect headquarters with the Security Scanner. This hand-held metal detector mimics those used by Transportation Security Administration officials at airports.

To ensure visitors aren’t hiding any metal objects (such as cameras or microphones), screen them before they enter your room. The scanner will beep and a bright red LED will shine if they’re trying to smuggle metal into your space. For extra security, scan them on their way out to make sure none of your precious metals disappear.

Spy Decoy Listener Spy Decoy Listener:
A listening device disguised as a cell phone; features time-delayed ring, directional mic & speaker
Age: 6+ / Suggested Mass Retail Price: $9.99 / Available: Fall 2010

Enemy spies will never suspect you’re listening in on their secret plans when you stroll past, seemingly consumed by an important call on your cell phone. The Spy Decoy Listener looks like an ordinary flip phone but houses a directional microphone that amplifies sound, allowing you to hear distant discussions more clearly.

If approached, quickly end your call and push the keypad before closing your phone to trigger the time-delayed ring. In 10 seconds you’ll have a believable excuse to answer your phone and tune back in to confidential conversations around you.


Spy Handcuffs Spy Handcuffs:
Motion-detecting lock-free handcuffs with automatic alarm and whistle
Age: 6+ / Suggested Mass Retail Price: $9.99 / Available: Mid-January 2010

Unlike ordinary handcuffs in which the fun is done when the cuffs click shut, the Spy Handcuffs become more exciting once a prisoner is captured. In place of a lock, the Spy Handcuffs have a motion-activated alarm. Instead of tightening in response to tugging, the Spy Handcuffs pop open, setting off a siren to announce an attempted escape.

Kids can make a game of getting free. Once they’re cuffed, they see how far they can travel without triggering the motion detector. As they head slowly and skillfully toward an unguarded exit, the suspense increases with each step. Kids will try to be captured just to take another turn at breaking free.

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