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Compact Collectable Figures with Interchangeable Heads Revealed through Suspenseful Fizzing Fun!

Squatz Best-selling game redesigned for more movement, more math, more family and more fun

(SAN FRANCISCO, January 12, 2010) – Squatz are a new line of compact collectables with interchangeable heads. Each 1.5-inch figure is embedded in a solid tablet twice its size, wrapped and labeled with a question mark. Kids can choose from robots, aliens, pirates or ninjas, but the exact character hiding in their tablet is a mystery upon purchase.

When a tablet is submerged in a bowl of warm water, it instantly begins to fizz, building suspense as kids wait for the concealing case to dissolve and reveal their collectable Squatz.

Each figure has the same distinct shape and has a removable head that fits all other Squatz bodies. Kids can trade duplicate parts to build their own custom Squatz, mixing pirate skulls and alien bodies, or ninja heads and robot torsos. The options increase with each addition to their collection.

Squatz are part of Wild Planet’s Fizz ’n Find brand and launch in 2010 in single and double-pack assortments. Double packs contain a robot and alien, or a pirate and ninja. There are 12 Squatz figures; three of each kind.

Squatz™: Compact collectable figures embedded in dissolving tablets; assortments of robots, aliens, pirates and ninjas; single and double packs, all with interchangeable heads Recommended age: 4+ / Suggested Mass Retail Price: $4.99 / Available: Mid-January 2010

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