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Buffalo Games Confirms Great Minds Think Alike

Buffalo Games Buffalo, NY - Buffalo Games, the makers of multiple award-winning party games, card games and jigsaw puzzles, will launch a new family social interactive game entitled Likewise! in 2008 at the American International Toy Fair scheduled for February 17-20 in New York City.

Likewise! is a thought provoking party game where it pays to think alike. In this game, individuals are presented with a random pairing of a Description and Subject Cards. The pairing might be “Exotic – Car”, or “Massive – Breakfast Food” or a “Smelly – City”. Everyone writes down the first thing that comes to mind on the full sized dry-erase paddles. When you match thoughts, you move ahead to win! Did everyone think Ferrari for Exotic Car?

“It is unbelievable how many times you will be thinking the exact same thing as someone else in the group,” said Paul Dedrick, President of Buffalo Games, “but it’s hilarious when the obscure answers come out. “Either way, it always opens up the room for discussion and bantering, which is exactly what we look for in a party game,” he added.

Likewise! is for everyone ages 12 & up. The game includes 6 Thought Paddles, 6 Erasers, 6 Markers, 1 Playing Die, 1 Scorecard, 70 Category Cards, 70 Type Cards and instructions. For more information, call 800-832-2331 and make an appointment to visit Buffalo Games at Toy Fair 2008 (Booth #263), or find them online at

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Buffalo Games is a leading manufacturer and producer of over 200 award-winning board games, jigsaw puzzles, card games and accessories. Founded in 1986, the company’s headquarters and facilities are located in Buffalo, New York.