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Buffalo Games Breaks New Ground with Interchangeable Board Game

Buffalo Games Buffalo, NY - Buffalo Games, the makers of multiple award-winning party games, card games and jigsaw puzzles, will launch a new strategy board game entitled Ruin in 2008 at the American International Toy Fair scheduled for February 17-20 in New York City.

Ruin is a ruthless race to fortune and glory. Players move around an unpredictable and interchangeable game board toward the center of a Mayan ruin, where hidden treasures await. The completely unique three- dimensional board gives the game stunning visual appeal, while allowing players to actually change the path on every turn, through interchangeable game cards that are inserted into the board. Along with course changes, these cards also serve to wall off opponents or offer secret passages providing escape for the victor. Players can decide for themselves whether to change things to help themselves or thwart their opponents instead. Who said treasure hunting was fair!

“Strategy is critical in Ruin. It is a fun game for the whole family and our first game to offer such strategic play values,” said Paul Dedrick, President of Buffalo Games. “I’d like to think that luck had something to do with my daughter beating me at the game but I’m sure she had some sort of strategic advantage,” he added.

Ruin is for everyone ages 8 & up and can be played with 2-4 players. The game includes the Interchangeable Game Board, 8 Pawns, a 20-Sided Die, and 50 Interchangeable Game Cards. For more information, call 800-832-2331 and make an appointment to visit Buffalo Games at Toy Fair 2008 (Booth #263), or find them online at

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Toy News

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Buffalo Games is a leading manufacturer and producer of over 200 award-winning board games, jigsaw puzzles, card games and accessories. Founded in 1986, the company’s headquarters and facilities are located in Buffalo, New York.