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Educational Insights™

Leader in Educational Technology and Classroom Quality Toys Unveiling Line at Toy Fair

January 19, 2010 (Gardena, CA) – Renowned for their ability to present classroom-quality educational content in fresh, playful ways, Educational Insights will be releasing more than 50 new products in 2010, including a prehistoric family game, a sudsy spin on preschool learning, a revolutionary new arts & crafts material, and more.

Among the newest toy and game releases from the award-winning, Southern California based company are:

Hot Dots® Jr™ Hot Dots® Jr™
EI brings the magic of their classic classroom line home to the preschool set with Ace, the Talking, Teaching Dog™. Even the youngest learners can learn and explore independently, simply by pressing the tip of this wiggling, giggling pen to the correct answer on one of hundreds of interactive learning cards. Card sets range from The Alphabet, Shapes, Colors, and Counting to Beginning Phonics and Patterns & Sequencing. Perfectly portable.
SRP $12.99 (pen); $14.99 (card sets). ages 4+

Stix & Stones™
This prehistoric picture-making race challenges players to create an image of a word on a card using only sticks and stones. Perfect for mixed ages and whole family play.
SRP $24.99; ages 7+

Laundry Jumble™
Draw a card, reach into the dryer, and pull out the matching piece of (doll-sized!) clothing using just your sense of touch! Engaging 3-D game play encourages tactile exploration, fine
motor skills, counting, and vocabulary. SRP $32.99; ages 4+

Design & Drill™ Design & Drill™
Kids use electronic, battery powered tools and brightly colored bolts to replicate included patterns or create original designs. Expansion packs for 2010 include the Design & Drill Power Tool Workshop, Fun Bolts, and Take-Along Toolkit for even more tooltime fun.
SRP $59.99 (Power Tool Workshop), $9.99 (Fun Bolts); and $29.99 (Take-Along Toolkit); ages 3+

Crinkle, crackle, and create with this revolutionary new arts & crafts substance. Stick your creations to unfinished wood, cardboard, or paper – Foamfetti dries by itself to make endless permanent masterpieces.
SRP $9.99 (3-Pack); ages 5+

The Educational Insights product line will be available for review in booth 637 at New York Toy Fair. Email to make an appointment or to receive samples or additional info.

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Based in Gardena, California, Educational Insights is the manufacturer of playful products with serious educational value, including toys, games, subject specific classroom products, and other teacher resources. Our products are designed by seasoned educators and parents who know that, first and foremost, learning must be fun. A subsidiary of Learning Resources, Educational Insights is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of hands-on learning materials.