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Ruff! Adorable ZhuZhu Puppies™ Make Their Paw Print On the Zhu-niverse

The makers of ZhuZhu Pets(R) introduce innovative, loveable and collectible ZhuZhu Puppies(TM) to the expanding Zhu-niverse. Interactive, furry characters like Murphy, Loolah, Howser and more each have unique, adorable personalities. Dress them up, play with them in their puppy-inspired accessories and collect them all! (PRNewsFoto/Cepia LLC)

Makers of ZhuZhu Pets® Debut a Brand New Line of Loveable, Collectible Furry Pups

ST. LOUIS, Jan. 19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Milkmen and dog catchers beware; the makers of the 2010 "Toy of the Year," ZhuZhu Pets®, introduce a new line of tail-wagging, bone-loving, scoundrel friends, ZhuZhu Puppies™. Cousins of America's favorite hamsters, these interactive, furry puppies each have unique and adorable personalities that will be sure to make a loyal companion out of zhu!

"ZhuZhu Puppies™ bring a whole new level of excitement to the Zhu-niverse," said Russell Hornsby, CEO, Cepia LLC. "The popularity of our core ZhuZhu Pets® line, along with recent additions, Kung Zhu™ and ZhuZhu Princess™, make the family even more unique with brand new, fun-loving ZhuZhu Puppies™. ZhuZhu Puppies™ offer a new way for children to engage with their favorite animals as toy companions, combining the play patterns of imagination and nurturing companionship that kids love – all provided by puppy power."

Just like real life dogs, the ZhuZhu Puppies™ bunch includes a variety of wild, rambunctious, mischief-makers; sweet, loving companions and courageous, loyal pooches. Kids will enjoy hours of fun playtime with each and every character:

  • There's Murphy, who loves keeping his paws busy and can never sit still - you'll either find this guy in the garage taking things apart and putting them back together or out at the sandlot chasing baseballs.

  • Cuddle up with Loolah, who's the best lapdog you'll ever meet and loves hugs, kisses and snuggles.

  • Never walk alone with Howser by your side; a fearless leader who is always ready to come to the rescue, despite being the runt of the litter, he's become the hero of the ZhuZhu Puppies™ doghouse.

ZhuZhu Puppies™ love to play together, too! The pups can relax, nap and play in a world of pure fun in the whimsical Posh Puppy Playhouse. If Frisbee is your pooch's favorite hobby, make sure to check out the Bark Park for hours of adventures in the fresh outdoors. And if your puppy needs to get across town in a hurry, latch 'em onto the Bow-Wow Buggy and watch your pal scurry down the street in a flash.

Each ZhuZhu Puppy is sold with its very own grooming brush; all other accessories are sold separately. ZhuZhu Puppies™ will be available at select retailers in January 2011.

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About ZhuZhu Puppies™
ZhuZhu Puppies™ are innovative, realistic, interactive, plush, and artificially intelligent puppies that talk and move around in their own playsets. ZhuZhu Puppies™ include two play modes: nurturing mode where the puppies coo and purr and adventure mode where they explore their habitat with intelligent audio and mechanical responses to various habitat stimuli. Add-on accessories can be purchased to build an ever-evolving habitat for your pet to play in and explore. The ZhuZhu Pets® brand expanded its product line with the addition of Kung Zhu™, the first ZhuZhu Pets® specifically designed to appeal to boys, and ZhuZhu Princess™. Powered by 2 AAA batteries (included), ZhuZhu Puppies™ are suitable for ages 4 and up. ZhuZhu Pets® are sold globally through more than 60 national chain retail outlets and independent toy stores. In 2010 ZhuZhu Pets® received top awards in three categories at the 10th annual Toy Industry Association Toy of the Year Awards, including the 2010 "Toy of the Year." ZhuZhu Pets® also took home awards for "Girl Toy of the Year" and "Innovative Toy of the Year." For more information, please visit

About Cepia LLC
Headquartered in St Louis, Mo., Cepia LLC is a privately held company that manufactures toys and games for children of all ages. The company was founded on the premise that sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Ingenuity, creativity, playfulness, and passion are the heart of Cepia and everything it creates. Cepia's toy building enterprises include: Glo-e, a light-up plush bear, Hydro Max, a motorized water blaster, Sky Raptors, and ZhuZhu Pets®. ZhuZhu Pets® have become an international sensation by combining realistic interaction with a fun, imaginative, interactive play design. With the introduction of the transformative Kung Zhu™ Battle Hamsters, the brand expands its platform of providing fun, innovative toys for kids. For more information, please visit