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Waboba Looks Skyward as The TOSY® AFO Popularity Soars


Toy Fair Intro Promises Out of this World Spring Sales

Consumers and retailers looking for recreational products that promote good health and fun need look no further than Waboba USA, the company that brought you the ball that bounces on water and went on to create a series of products for the air, land AND sea. At the New York Toy Fair February 12 - 15 (booth 5003), Waboba's newest addition, the TOSY®AFO (Alien Flying Object) is sure to create the same level of excitement as it takes off from dry land that its water-bouncing brethren has created at beaches and pools around the world.

The TOSY AFO, a spinning propeller-like flyer, launched from a hand-held base, came onto the Waboba line late Fall of 2011 and has enjoyed a huge 2012 pre-sale after being recognized with the Good Housekeeping Best Toy Award. That accolade was followed by The Late Show with David Letterman's “launch” of multiple TOSY AFOs into the studio audience as part of his annual Toy Demonstration with Time To Play's Shannon Eis.

The TOSY AFO can be used for an intriguing game of flying catch, or as a boomerang for solo play. In addition, the TOSY AFO can be used indoors as well, for hang time or wall climbing competitions on those rainy days. The deluxe version features colorful LEDs that ignite automatically when launched and streaking the night sky with hallucinogenic-like tracers. An MSRP of $19.99 will make sales soar.

At Toy Fair, Waboba Water Bouncing Balls will lead the line-up with the Surf, a tamer version of the original Waboba, targeted for ages 8 and up. The $8.99 MSRP makes the Surf a popular, impulse purchase at pool and toy stores, and is the perfect entry point for growing “Wabobians,” seeding future sales as the players age and improve skill levels.

Of course, Waboba still offers three more “serious” water bouncing balls: The Extreme and Pro balls for open water and the Blast for swimming pools and offer three levels of play and pandemonium as they bounce across the wave-tops, careening in every direction in impromptu play or organized leagues. The Waboba Water Bouncing Balls also offer proven sales in surf, sport and specialty shops in Europe, Asia and the U.S. with recent expansion into Canada, and South America. Waboba accessories like water gloves, racquets and even microfiber towels, offer up-sell opportunities.

The upcoming International Waboba Federation (IWF) will provide international competition opportunities and rules and a team kit are available online. Waboba will be working with retailers and other sports organizations on tournaments around the globe as part of the on-going Waboba promotional efforts, geared to the Pro ball model's more aggressive bounce.

Waboba USA has you covered on the land, the sea and even in the air! The Waboba Flyer consists of a rubber base and brightly colored feathers that soars through the air when hit with an open palm of the hand or with a racket. Priced with the Pro, Extreme, and Blast at $9.99, the Flyer provides an ideal beach or backyard complement to the water bouncing balls. Waboba offers a full line of products under the $10 impulse purchase criteria that, along with Waboba's creative and colorful point-of-purchase displays, make these Waboba products fly from the shelves.

Waboba provides fun, exciting, healthy outdoor play activities for the entire family at family-friendly prices. Waboba's patented products have been used in professional and collegiate athletic training regimens, studied by scientists at Brigham Young University's Splash Lab and been covered in newspapers, magazines, blogs and television shows around the world.

While the website is constantly evolving, the keeps “Wabobians” up-to-date on news and enables the community to share ideas, new games, tournament information, photos and videos.

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