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Teddy Bear Kit

NYC, NY, January 2007 – Ted E. Makers ( has the perfect gift for your favorite little Valentines – soft and snuggly “Make Your Own Teddy Bear” kits.

The cuddly Valentine’s Day-themed kits come complete with a 15” animal, stuffing, birth certificate, super cute Valentine’s Day outfit and ‘I Love You’ sound chip. The best part – animals go from unstuffed to stuffed in three easy steps – stuff, zip, then Velcro – meaning kids as young as three can make the furry friends.

Cool New Options
Be Mine Honey is a beautiful brown-eyed bear perfect for your special honey! Be Mine Honey comes with a sparkly red dress, a headband with heart-shaped antennae that read, “Be” and “Mine,” and an ‘I Love You’ sound chip.

Give your favorite honey bunny floppy-eared Bunny Love. The cuddly bunny comes with a heart-patterned top and red, faux-leather pants with working zippers. The Bunny Love kit also includes an ‘I Love You’ wristy and two sound chips, ‘I Love You,’ and a big Kiss!

Make Your Own Teddy Bear kits ship in colorful, patent-pending boxes that transform into Bear Chairs for your furry new friends.

Hey Parents – Ted E. Makers has lots of great Valentine’s Day gifts for adults too! Visit to see more.

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About Ted E. Makers/Teddy Bear in a Box
Founded in 2000, Ted E. Makers specializes in customizable, make-your-own stuffed animals as well as plush products and gift items. Plush pals are available in stuffed and unstuffed varieties and come packaged in a one-of-a-kind box that turns into a teddy highchair. Ted E. Makers’ Make Your Own Stuffed Animal parties are a wonderfully creative at-home solution to kids’ birthday parties. For more information about Ted E. Makers and its products, visit or call 1-888-55-TEDDY.