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Northfield, IL (January 22, 2008) Neat-Oh! International, LLC, expanded its line to 29 skus for 2008 (some with and without toys/accessories) including award-winning ZipBin® products, ZipBin® Minis and the new ZipBin® Softie™ brand. These products all function at the intersection between a noteworthy, elegantly executed, creative toy and a storage solution—The Toy Box That’s Also A Toy™. The large playscape™ on which (depending on the model) children can imaginatively play with their dinosaurs, action figures, dolls, animals, vehicles, fictional characters, contruction toys and the like, converts to a durable, themed and decorated storage bin, literally in a zip —automatically capturing the toys being used.

This ability to transform back and forth from toy to toy chest is unique (and subject to multiple applied for patents around the world). ZipBin® products are all executed to exacting manufacturing and safety standards and employ original art. Most are stackable and all are collapsible, transportable and feature wipe-clean surfaces.

Two New Products Announced for 2008

Two new products will be introduced at the International Toy Fair in NYC, February 17-20, 2008 and at the International Home and Housewares Show, March 16-18, 2008 in Chicago. ZipBin® Softie™ Wheelie looks like and is shaped like a mag wheel and opens to reveal a side-by-side race track for stirring road action. The playscape™ includes a garage area and a winner’s circle and built in parking for 12 vehicles. Two sturdy die cast sports cars are included! And ZipBin® Softie™ Racer looks like and is shaped like a race car and can be carried on the back with the included straps. It opens to reveal a small villagescape with drivable roadways. It, too, includes two die cast vehicles. Both are expected to retail for$19.99.

After Play Clean-Up Key to Teach Children Responsibility. De-Stress The Mess™.

Childhood experts agree that teaching young children to clean up after play is one of the best ways to help them learn about cooperation, responsibility and self-esteem. And if kids do pick up after themselves, family stress is also relieved because fewer “conversations” are required. But it’s not just experts who say that clean-up is important, so do dozens and dozens of consumers who have written Neat-Oh! International, LLC about how the ZipBin® concept “makes clean up fun,” enables kids to “feel a sense of accomplishment,” allows kids to “make clean-up part of play,” and more. ZipBin® products offer dual benefits: they are fun for kids by providing hours of imaginative play and appreciated by parents because they simplify clean-up. These products de-stress the mess™.

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Toy News

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About Neat-Oh! International, LLC
Neat-Oh! International, LLC, established in February 2005, creates, licenses and markets innovative toy, home organization and outdoor recreation products, which unzip or unfold to become activity/play surfaces and then re-zip or fold back up to storage bin form. Its patent pending Neat-Oh!®, ZipBin®, and Softie™ lines of attractively designed, transportable and collapsible solutions have won 11 awards for product excellence (unduplicated auspices below).