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Professor Woodpecker's Book Series on Children's Nutrition is now available through many vendors such as Authorhouse, Ingram books, Barnes and Noble, Amazon books and Borders books.

This is the first of many series to come of educational yet fun children's books. The subject books are the first three books in Professor Woodpecker's series targeting the nutritional needs of children. Professor Woodpecker is the main character that interacts with the children in this book series. While carrying on fun activities and conversations, Professor Woodpecker introduces critically important information regarding wholesome nutrition to the children as well as parents.

In the first book, Professor Woodpecker passes on the old, yet healthy "banana sandwich" nutritious snack. Professor Woodpecker shares several simple ways for kids to make these snacks in fun ways. He also introduces the nutritional value of the various ingredients, such as bananas and wholesome breads. The whole time, children are being educated as they are introduced to fun activities where they can make nutritious snacks. These fun activities with Professor Woodpecker will be memorable. As a result, the seeds of good nutrition will be planted in children's minds on a permanent basis.

Professor Woodpecker uses the ageless catchy phase "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" to sow seeds of good nutrition in his book on apples (Green Apples, Red Apples, Yellow Apples and More). The nutritional value of apples is introduced while Professor Woodpecker relates some of the many ways apples can be eaten. He also relates fun activities with apples while planting the seeds again of good nutrition.

As you read through this book series, you will come to love Professor Woodpecker as he reaches out as an authoritative and caring tutor to mentor our children in creative ways. In the "Professor Woodpecker Loves Cereal" book, Professor Woodpecker introduces many nutritional foods. Along with the cereal, Professor Woodpecker introduces various fruits that can be used to enhance the cereal for a healthy breakfast.

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Toy News

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