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Aquapets Come Out to Play!

New Dewdrops enable Aquapets to venture outside their water-filled world

(SAN FRANCISCO, Toy Fair, 2012) - Since their initial launch in 2004, and including their re-launch last year, Aquapets have lived happily afloat inside sealed, water-filled chambers.

When Wild Planet introduces Dewdrops, Aquapets will have the ability to explore life outside the aquapod for the first time. Dewdrops are liquid-free housing alternatives that take Aquapets out of the water and into the world.

Aquapets that live in Dewdrops are removable; they can be touched and played with outside their homes. This new-found portability opens the door for them to embark on more adventures than their water-bound buddies, and gives them more to chirp and chat about.

Aquapets that live in Dewdrops are 25 percent smaller than original Aquapets and, when perched inside their airy homes, they respond to sound by speaking back in a silly language. Like the original Aquapets' environments, the new Dewdrops have a microphone and speaker, and a nameplate that identifies the Aquapet living inside.

Aquapets® Dewdrops™:
Waterless environments that contain miniature removable Aquapets that speak in silly sounds Assortment: Bertie, Fretta, Kitzi, Likabee, Muki, Puku, Purkle, Tu
Age: 4+ / MSRP: $4.99 - $6.99 / Available: Spring 2012

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