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Tabletop Games, The Best Entertainment Value For Families On A Budget


New York, NY -- January 26, 2009 -- With the ranks of the unemployed and underemployed growing week by week, the trend toward “cocooning” – spending entertainment dollars in the home – is on the rise. In the December 17, 2008 issue of RetailWire, Tom Ryan maintains “Consumers are avoiding traveling, eating out or even heading to the movies.”

Entertainment being even more important during the current recession, consumers are even more careful in making purchases that deliver value. Rented movies can be inexpensive, but they only last for two hours. Computer and other video games tend to have long-lasting value, but isolate players who must face a video screen, not another person. The solution for truly satisfying entertainment with a low price tag and lasting value is tabletop games.

A new entry into this marketplace, Strategic Space, publishes card and board games that makes products that appeal to a variety of budget-conscious consumers. All of their games retail for under forty dollars, and most of them for under twenty dollars. Similar types of games from other publishers often retail for fifty dollars or more.

“When most people get together to play games,” asserts Strategic Space’s CEO Mark Salzwedel, “they are likely to be composed of different ages and abilities. I’ve designed all of our games so that an eight-yearold and her thirty-five-year-old mother can play together, and neither one feels bored or overwhelmed.” Salzwedel also points to the importance of adapting games to varying amounts of time. “Life today gets interrupted frequently and free time is at a premium,” he continues, “so most of our games can be played in 15-60 minutes.” Most can be played in rounds, so they can fit any time players have. Each game includes alternate rules to make the play either shorter and easier or longer and more difficult.

The Strategic Space catalog also appeals to a wide variety of game players. Star Hopper is an educational race game about space travel. 4th Corner is a simple tile-laying game where you build a maze. Samsara is a Buddhist-themed abstract strategy game that includes diplomacy. Other games ask players to avoid zombies, hunt mutant deer, and track down enemy spies.

More information about these games is available at the publisher’s web site:

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