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Jurassic Play the Schleich Way!

(16464) Giganotosaurus

(Virtual Press Office) - Learning about creatures from the Jurassic period millions of years ago, the realistic and authentic range of Dinosaurs from Schleich allows children to recreate a prehistoric world of their own.

Schleich’s hand painted Dinosaur collection includes 20 different models, plus a new one for 2010 – the Giganotosaurus. One of the largest known terrestrial carnivores, the Giganotosaurus lived between 98 and 96 million years ago, exceeding even the huge Tyrannosaurus in size.

These fabulous to-scale figures are modelled to 1:40 dimensions and are researched and reproduced in close co-operation with the Natural History Museum, Berlin. Each model comes complete with a booklet containing scientific data plus a figure of a human in the same scale, helping children to imagine what it would be like to come face to face with one of these magnificent creatures.

From the Tyrannosaurus with his characteristic upright stance to the Triceratops with his formidably shaped head and horns, the details of Schleich’s figures make this collection of dinosaurs one of a kind and will be avidly collected by boys, girls and even adults interested in our planet’s ancient history.

For more information about the entire collection read on for detailed descriptions of each new piece...

    (16464) Giganotosaurus
    The scaled down version of the Giganotosaurus looks fantastic with its sharp teeth and scaly skin. He was the largest carnivore to have lived with a 6 foot skull and razor sharp teeth it’s a relief they are not about today! Luckily they can be in any dinosaur fans collection though, thanks to Schleich!

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About Schleich
Anywhere’s a playground is the philosophy behind each and every Schleich toy or play-set. Not only is Schleich the leading designer and manufacturer of high quality, realistic animal, historical and fantasy figurines, but it is also a leading light in the world of imaginative play.

2010 will be the 75th anniversary for Schleich and, since its very beginning its toys have been valued and enjoyed by children and collectors of all ages. They are respected as much by parents, as they are loved by the children who play with them as they stimulate the imagination and encourage active play.

Each unique collection is made up of the most natural and accurate renditions of the animals, people, historical periods, and fantasy worlds they represent. Every single piece is designed in Germany where the most robust standards of quality control are put into practice ensuring the highest industry standards for safety and reliability which is then reiterated in the precision craftsmanship at the point of manufacture.

Schleich is available in over 70 countries world wide and represents a truly “World Toy” that needs no translation or instruction - only imagination and the time to play slowly and freely.

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