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Bayala - a World of Fantasy!

(70420) Unicorn foal

(Virtual Press Office) Children can immerse themselves into an imaginary world of fantasy with the fabulous Bayala collection from Schleich, complete with elves, dragons, Pegasus and unicorns.

Learning through fantasy storytelling is the next step in pedagogic development from role play with figures, meaning Bayala makes a perfect transition for children who have collected Schleich’s animals and other collections.

A new tribe joins the growing world of Bayala for 2010 – Arelan – each character with its own animal companion. These magical figures are partly mutated with their animal. For example, Apricum has the antlers of his deer, while Noctis has the fur of his black panther. There is also Gregis and his wolf and Arelan with a falcon. The slightly heroic stance of the Arelan tribe, which as with all of Schleich’s figures have the most intricate and amazing attention to detail, will have particular appeal for younger boys.

Both Schleich horse collections within Farm Life and Bayala are firm favourites with girls, so the new Tinuveel elf riding set, which combines aspects from both collections, is sure to have popular appeal. The set includes an elf, saddle, horse-gear and reins for the unicorn, but also fits all middle-sized Farm Life horses too, integrating the world of fantasy and farm.

Feya has always been one of the most popular Bayala characters and 2010 sees this delightful figure in a standing pose which will enhance the story during play.

New figures, Marween, Lindariel and Florindel all have a domestic animal as a companion adding yet another dimension to the play value of the Bayala range.

The entire magical Bayala collection guarantees to provide children with endless possibilities for individual or co-operative imaginative play.

For more information about the entire collection read on for detailed descriptions of each new piece...

    (70420) Unicorn foal
    This beautiful, mythological creature looks amazing with colourful artwork on her side and on her long white mane and tail. She stands tall with similar features to a horse, but with a beautiful golden horn which appears on her forehead.

    (70422) Pegasus foal (70421) Unicorn, rearing
    This unicorn is up on her hind legs showing off fine details of artwork on her rear legs and on her beautiful white mane and tail. This creature has a mysterious beauty about her and her golden horn shines like a torch from the centre of her head.

    (70422) Pegasus foal
    A very cute figure that really turns play into a world of imagination. With its glittery wings and mane, she looks like a piece of art. A must have for any mythological collection.

    (70426) Feya
    Feya is definitely an eye-catcher with her pretty pink flowered wings and floaty dress. Her features are so detailed, as is her beautiful body art which has been delicately painted on her leg.

    (70424) Lindariel with unicorn foal
    The mystical young girl and unicorn foal look so happy together. Lindariel sits stroking the foals beautiful white mane as she relaxes herself after a day of flying around!

    (70425) Florindel (70425) Florindel
    This bright-looking elf is stunning from head to toe. With her yellow gerbera like wings and beautiful clothes, she will definitely light up any dark places. Curly brunette hair falls past Florindel’s shoulders, which compliments her pretty face. She is joined by a grey fluffy kitten which she is holding lovingly in her arms.

    (70427) Marween
    This playful elf is having fun with her raccoon while lying back on her beautiful white horse. Marween wears a pixie-like outfit with striking red and white tights and a funky green skirt. Her delicate wings lay either side of the horse glistening in the sun.

    (70430) Apricum
    Apricum, meaning sunlight is a striking figure with antlers protruding from his shoulders just like his Stag companion. They sit across his shoulders, go down his back and rest on his hips. He also holds an amazing sword around his waist in a scabbard. The deer stands tall and looks very true to life.

    (70429) Arelan
    Thin tapered wings enable this duo to fly at high speeds and to change direction rapidly. The figure stands tall holding his falcon companion on his arm, showing off the beautiful detailed feathers which are spread out ready to fly off into the sky!

    ((70431) Gregis (70431) Gregis
    Gregis meaning pride is an impressive looking hybrid and will certainly stand out from the pack. With fur growing all over his back, arms and large feet he really resembles his companion, the wolf. Swords are strapped across his back and he stands in a slightly crouched posture ready to jump.

    (70428) Noctis
    Noctis meaning night, reflects the features of his companion, the panther. He stands strong with a lit torch stretched out in front of him and carries a bow and arrows on his back. The panther stands closely to demonstrate the common strength, power and similarity.

    (42044) Elf riding set, Tinuveel
    The elf riding set includes all you need for your elf to ride her horse. With a gold coloured saddle and reins it will look fantastic as she gallops through the woods. What’s more the riding set fits most of Schleich’s horses incorporating them into Bayala.

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About Schleich
Anywhere’s a playground is the philosophy behind each and every Schleich toy or play-set. Not only is Schleich the leading designer and manufacturer of high quality, realistic animal, historical and fantasy figurines, but it is also a leading light in the world of imaginative play.

2010 will be the 75th anniversary for Schleich and, since its very beginning its toys have been valued and enjoyed by children and collectors of all ages. They are respected as much by parents, as they are loved by the children who play with them as they stimulate the imagination and encourage active play.

Each unique collection is made up of the most natural and accurate renditions of the animals, people, historical periods, and fantasy worlds they represent. Every single piece is designed in Germany where the most robust standards of quality control are put into practice ensuring the highest industry standards for safety and reliability which is then reiterated in the precision craftsmanship at the point of manufacture.

Schleich is available in over 70 countries world wide and represents a truly “World Toy” that needs no translation or instruction - only imagination and the time to play slowly and freely.

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