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Take to the Skies with the Wildlife Collection!

(14628) Lynx cub

(Virtual Press Office) - Schleich’s Wildlife collection is the perfect introduction for children to the wonders of the wild in all corners of the globe and makes a welcome reminder of happy days out at the zoo or safari park.

No matter which country of the world that children come from, the Wildlife collection is both instantly recognisable and intriguing as they eagerly collect their most favourite animals or gather new fascinating creatures never seen by them before.

Everywhere is a playground with Schleich, as the most beautiful animals and not so beautiful beasts of the world become part of a play pattern that stimulates children’s imaginations and educates them in the most natural way possible.

Modelled on nature and intricately painted by hand, the Wildlife collection has amazingly accurate detail and is home to animals from a wide range of habitats, from the deepest of forests to the desert like grasslands. Each season, the world of Schleich expands and new creatures and accessories are added ensuring collections can continually grow. This is the beauty of Schleich as children await the new releases with excitement and anticipation in the same way that a nature explorer searches far off lands to experience new animals.

2010 sees elegant predators added to the range as a lynx and her cub join the series of big cats. Alternatively, a howling wolf depicts another territorial creature. As with all Schleich’s animals, the poses that are captured are typical of the species in an almost animated way; ensuring the owner can truly imagine the creature in the wild.

From predatory to playful a family of racoons joins the fold with a free standing adult proudly upright on its hind legs and a trio of cubs cavorting together. All the racoons have the familiar bandit’s mask that makes them so recognisable in the wild.

To epitomise the adventurous nature of the wildlife collection Schleich is delighted to announce the launch of a new inspirational item that is bound to prove hugely desirable. The new Schleich Plane is perfect for connecting one land with another and portrays the type of traditional fixed wing prop-plane that is commonly seen in the widest regions of Africa, the Australian outback and the plains of Argentina. The Schleich plane comes with pilot and has cockpit doors freight bay, engine compartment and more.

Bridging the gap between farm life and wildlife, but forming an entirely separate collection, are Schleich’s Forest Life figures. All the gentle creatures of the forest are included in this delightful menagerie, from deer and fawns to squirrels, owls and rabbits.

For more information about the entire collection read on for detailed descriptions of each new piece...

    (14627) Lynx, female
    This female Lynx looks so realistic, with her short tail and characteristic tufts of black hair on the tips of her ears. She has large padded paws for walking on snow, and long whiskers on her face. The body colour is a gold shade and marked with dark brown spots. She also has lovely white soft fur on her chest and stomach.

    (14607) Kangaroo, male (14628) Lynx cub
    The Lynx cub has a short tail and black tufts of hair on the tips of her ears. Detailed with defined muscles, you can see that the cub will grow to be very strong just like her mother.

    (14607) Kangaroo, male
    This playful Buck is enjoying resting in the shade. He has large powerful hind legs, and large feet to help him leap around, and a long muscular tail to keep his balance.

    (14608) Kangaroo Joey
    This little Joey already lives outside his mothers pouch and is old enough to learn survival skills for himself.

    (14609) Zebra, grazing
    This beautiful Zebra is best known for its distinctive black and white stripes. He also has a mohawk-like mane. He is enjoying grazing on the grass waiting for the rest of the herd to come back.

    (14610) Ostrich, male (14610) Ostrich, male
    This large flightless bird has come all the way from Africa. He has black feathers with a white tail and his neck is a bluish-gray. He also has very strong legs to kick when he feels threatened.

    (14611) Warthog boar
    This Warthog boar has come all the way from Africa. He has very scaly leather skin and four wart-like bulges on his head. He is a fast runner and more than capable of jumping away from his predators.

    (14612) Warthog piglet
    This piglet has come from Africa with his parents and has not fully developed his impressive tusks yet but is already showing his wart-like features.

    (14613) Warthog sow
    This Warthog Sow is a wild member of the pig family that has travelled all the way from Africa. She gets her name from the wart-like bulges on her head. The leathery skin is very detailed and definitely gives her a real look.

    (14614) Cheetah, female (14614) Cheetah, female
    The Cheetah is well known for being the fastest mammal with a very elegant stride. Her chest is very wide and towards the waist she narrows. She has coarse short fur which is tanned in colour with lots of black spots and a striped tail. She appears to be on the look out for her next meal of Gazelle!

    (14615) Tapir
    This Tapir has a short black and white coat and little oval ears with white tips.He has hoofed toes, four toes on the front and three on the hind feet which help him to walk on muddy or soft ground.

    (14616) Yak
    This hairy Yak has two large horns protruding from his head and has grey and white fur which keeps him warm when out on the Himalayas.

    (14618) King penguin chicks (14617) King penguin
    This beautiful Penguin has a streamlined body to make it easier for him to swim through the waters. He has steel blue-grey coloured feathers which look almost black and a white belly which is an orange colour towards the upper breast

    (14618) King penguin chicks
    Unlike his parents the King Penguin chicks are first covered with brown-grey down. These four look so fluffy and adorable, you will definitely want to take them home!

    (14619) Moose bull
    The moose is one of the largest species in the deer family. He has very large twig-like antlers, which he will shed to conserve energy for the winter, but they will grow back in time for spring.

    (14620) Moose cow
    Unlike the Bull this Moose doesn’t have the large antlers. She has a long neck with a scruffy beard under her neck. She loves to feed on water plants and conifers.

    (14621) Moose calf
    This calf is a very powerful swimmer and uses his skill to dive into water for food. She looks very dainty and her legs still look wobbly but she will soon become as strong as her mother.

    (14622) Jaguar cub (14622) Jaguar cub
    Sitting there with her distinguished coat and defined strong muscles you wouldn’t think that this cute looking cub is months away from becoming a stalk-and-ambush predator! Soon she will become one of the largest felines in the species.

    (42043) Aeroplane
    The new Schleich Plane is perfect for connecting one land with another and portrays the type of traditional fixed wing prop-plane that is commonly seen in the widest regions of Africa, the Australian outback and the plains of Argentina. The Schleich plane comes with pilot and has cockpit doors freight bay, engine compartment and more.

    (42042) Truck trailer
    This trailer fits perfectly onto the back of the wildlife truck and is perfect for transporting boxed animals to different locations. It has drop down sides and chunky wheels for tough terrains.

    (14623) Hedgehog pups
    After a day of sleeping under a bush, these three Hedgehog pups have come out to play! After some fun and games these little cuties will be looking for their banquet of insects!

    (14629) Red deer calf
    This young calf looks adorable standing there with his reddish-brown coat of fur and white spots. Those big ears are crucial for listening out for danger.

    (14629) Red deer calf (14630) Red deer cow
    The Red Deer is one of the largest deer species and is characterized by an even number of toes. This deer stands tall with her nose in the air and ears pointing up listening for danger.

    (14631) Wild rabbit
    Schleich’s wild rabbit is sitting upright with her ears standing proud listening out for danger. She sniffs the air to sense what other species might be in close proximity.

    (14624) Raccoon, standing
    The most characteristic feature of this raccoon is the area of black fur around the eyes which contrasts with the surrounding white face coloring. This is very similar to a bandits mask which makes him look very mischievous indeed!

    (14625) Raccoon cubs
    The three Raccoon cubs are playing gleefully just outside of the den. Their mother will be close by, keeping a watchful eye on them. Soon they will have to take life seriously, but for now they happily roll around in the grass together.

    (14626) Wolf, howling
    Wolves are very territorial animals. This grey wolf is howling to mark his territory to avoid any encounters with neighbouring packs of wolves.

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About Schleich
Anywhere’s a playground is the philosophy behind each and every Schleich toy or play-set. Not only is Schleich the leading designer and manufacturer of high quality, realistic animal, historical and fantasy figurines, but it is also a leading light in the world of imaginative play.

2010 will be the 75th anniversary for Schleich and, since its very beginning its toys have been valued and enjoyed by children and collectors of all ages. They are respected as much by parents, as they are loved by the children who play with them as they stimulate the imagination and encourage active play.

Each unique collection is made up of the most natural and accurate renditions of the animals, people, historical periods, and fantasy worlds they represent. Every single piece is designed in Germany where the most robust standards of quality control are put into practice ensuring the highest industry standards for safety and reliability which is then reiterated in the precision craftsmanship at the point of manufacture.

Schleich is available in over 70 countries world wide and represents a truly “World Toy” that needs no translation or instruction - only imagination and the time to play slowly and freely.

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