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Bigger Better Bugs for 2009

Insect Lore

SHAFTER, CA – Insect Lore’s newly released toys for 2009 emphasize the fun of getting an up-close, personal look into the insect world. With Insect Lore’s Bugifiers, Ladybug Tabletop Magnifier and Parts of a Bug puzzles, children can see and learn the most fascinating details about bug parts in the classroom or at home.

The Ladybug Tabletop Magnifier is a sturdy, larger-than-life ladybug with black spots, six legs and a large magnifying glass built into the ladybug shell. The magnification circle in the center of the ladybug’s back provides two levels of magnification to give an enlarged view of all the fascinating features of tiny bugs. The Magnifier’s durable wooden construction makes it a sensible addition to any high-traffic nursery or classroom. Its large size and circular shape allow multiple observers to share their “buggy” views together.

A more portable way to get an amplified look at a bug is with Insect Lore’s new Bugifiers. Each of these hand-held magnifying glasses features an ant, a ladybug or a praying mantis and has shatter-resistant lenses for optimal on-the-go observation. These clever magnifiers allow kids to investigate a bug using a bug!

“In learning about these creatures through play, children become more enthusiastic about understanding the insect world and the environments that both they and the bugs inhabit,” says Insect Lore President John White of the “personalities” he’s given to Insect Lore’s 2009 releases. “Magnifying tools are so effective because when it comes to nature, the magic is in the details,” says White.

Enlarged and enhanced components of a bug’s body are introduced in Insect Lore’s Parts of a Bug puzzles. Beautifully combining real life detail with vibrant graphics, these all-wood puzzles feature the anatomy of a butterfly, an ant or a ladybug. When removed from the frame, the puzzle pieces reveal a label for each body part. The puzzles are multifaceted teaching tools for spatial learning, problem solving and memorization.

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Since its beginnings in 1969, Insect Lore has embraced the concept of creating educational tools that enhance a child’s educational and exploratory experiences. Every new Insect Lore product release has accomplished that goal by magnifying the pool of fun learning tools available to educators in homes and classrooms nationwide. In addition to insect-themed toys, Insect Lore also offers live metamorphosis kits for butterflies, earthworms, ants, ladybugs, silkworms and praying mantids. From their headquarters in California’s San Joaquin Valley, Insect Lore has shipped over 11,000,000 live caterpillars, making it the nation’s largest commercial grower of butterflies.