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Fundex Games Re-launches Dream Phone

Dream Phone

A Classic Game Updated for Today’s Girl

(Indianapolis, IN) — Now a new generation of girls can enjoy Dream Phone™, and try to determine, “Who, who, who, has a crush on YOU!” The girl-and -boy-talking game, features a new, updated electronic phone, stylish appeal, and contemporary features including text messaging and purse-like packaging!

Dream Phone was first introduced in 1991, and has sold over 72 million units.

The fun begins with the ring of the phone as girls make calls to a dream team of 24 teen-age boys, hoping to find the one who is their “secret admirer.”

Using the hand-held phone, girls will pick out a boy’s picture card from their hand, and then ring his number. The selected boy will talk about sports, popular hang-outs, food, and even what the “secret admirer” might be wearing. Players must pick up clues from the boys to identify their one and only admirer.

When a girl thinks she has found her “dream guy,” she calls him up. If he says, “You’re right! I really like you,” the player has found true love – at least until the start of a new game. The game changes each time it is played, with a slew of new clues and a different admirer to identify.

Dream Phone is the one-and-only game that today’s girl, ages 8 to 14, will want to own!

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