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Yummy Dough: The First Edible Modelling Dough Now Available

Yummy Dough

Now kids can not only play with dough, they can shape it, bake it, eat it and even gift it!

New kneadable, bakeable, edible Yummy Dough will be shown at New York Toy fair this Year at booth 1663A . Yummy Dough offers all the benefits of regular modelling dough and much more. With Yummy Dough, children can shape and mold creations as they would with traditional modelling dough, but the fun doesn’t have to stop there. Along with making designs, children can now bake and eat them, too!

The secret? Yummy Dough is actually a multi-purpose toy! – it cleverly combines two favorite childhood activities: creating designs with modelling dough and baking with mom, dad or a grandparent -- a wonderful bonding experience for all generations, and one that does not involve computers or TV.

Yummy Dough: The first edible modelling dough now available Now kids can not only play with dough, they can shape it, bake it, eat it and even gift it! When mixed with water, Yummy Dough becomes a smooth kneadable modelling dough. But unlike play dough or real dough, Yummy Dough does not contain baking agents such as yeast or baking powder.

Yummy Dough may also be used to create presents – for mom on Mother’s Day, Dad on Father’s Day – as well as Christmas tree ornaments, Halloween treats, and more. Yummy Dough is also an enjoyable, interactive birthday party activity that will entertain children – and give them a party gift to take home at the end of the day. This means that parents can finally say “yes” when kids beg to eat baking dough – no yeast or baking powder means an end to the tummy aches caused by those baking agents, which can make dough grow in a child’s stomach.

Yummy Dough

Yummy Dough contains only food materials such as sugar, starch, flour and eggs and is made in Canada.

Yummy Dough was created by a German dad, Stefan Kaczmarek, and inspired by his two young daughters, Sarah (11) and Luisa (8). Launched in that country in 2008, it won a major award for product innovation – and sold 700,000 units in its first year.

Now available in 18 other countries, Yummy Dough will be hitting American toy store soon. Targeted for the 36 million North American children ages 3-12, it will retail at $9.99 for a 462-gram (1 lb.) package.

Yummy Dough is available through Ottawa, Canada-based distributor PlaSmart Inc.

On October 28, PlaSmart’s president, Tim Kimber, appeared on an episode of Dragon’s Den – a Canadian TV show that allows entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to top business professionals who decide if the idea is worth investment. The Yummy Dough concept was so impressive that three of the five businessmen agreed to invest $500,000 to help distribute Yummy Dough across North America.

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