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What’s Your Destiny? A Game from the Past gets a Facelift for the Future

(SAN FRANCISCO, Toy Fair 2007) – Mansion, Apartment, Shack or House – what does your future hold? What’s Your Destiny is an electronic version of MASH, the popular fortune-telling game that girls have been playing for decades. Long before the word “tween” existed, 8- to 12-year-old girls were folding paper and writing down their top choices of whom they wanted to marry, what kind of house they’d live in, and other unknown aspects awaiting them in adulthood.

The passing of time hasn’t diminished girls’ interest in future-telling, but it has turned handmade paper-games into an archaic form of entertainment. Today in America, 38 percent of electronic-game players are female, yet there are few electronic hand-held games devoted specifically to the interests of girls. What’s Your Destiny is technology’s take on the popular pastime of making predictions.

The game, shaped like a palm-sized make-up compact, opens to reveal a scrolling LCD screen and entry keys. The screen prompts players to select information in nine different categories, including desired city of residence, type of housing, species of pet and future profession. There are nine options within each category, plus a bonus feature in the LOVE fortune that allows you to type in the names of your current crushes. Once selections are complete, the game automatically eliminates all but one choice in each category – ultimately determining your future.

What’s Your Destiny offers more details than Magic 8 Ball, is less spooky than Ouija Board, and is designed for individual and group play. A combination of serious and silly selections in each category gives girls a chance to make funny fortunes for their friends.

A clip secures the game to a backpack or purse. Its portability makes it ideal for commutes, family vacations and schoolyard fun. And for when time is tight, the “Quick Pick” mode reveals instant fortunes for girls who need to know now.

What’s Your Destiny™: electronic fortune-telling game, available in purple or pink Recommended age: 8+ / Suggested retail price: $14.99 - $19.99 / Available: Fall 2007

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