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New Collectible Trading Cards for Girls to Debut at Toy Fair 2008 Chatterchix™ Aims to Educate and Offer Timeless Values for Girls Ages 5 - 12

Dunedin, Fla. (January 30, 2008) — Inspired by her own daughter, Florida entrepreneur and mom, Robyn Bard, is proud to announce the debut of Chatterchix™ at Toy Fair '08. Chatterchix is a unique, fun and educational line of collectible trading cards and specialty gifts for girls.

Appropriate for girls ages five – 12, the Chatterchix™ line of trading cards was created based on the concept that every girl needs contemporary role models who also represent the timeless values of respect, responsibility and friendship. Each of the initially planned 50 cards will feature an originally designed and fully rendered Chatterchik™ who represents one of the 50 U.S. states. For example, `Emily from Florida' is Bard's daughter and the signature Chatterchik™. These cards will also feature a bio for the girl and fun facts for her respective state.

"Chatterchix™ collectible cards offer diversity in appearance, personality and lifestyle that allow girls to see that there are many pictures of `normal,'" Bard said. "They've been designed as clean, classy and age-appropriate to create a positive reflection of real-life girls. They will always be able to find something in common with the Chatterchix™."

In addition, 30 Chatterpet™ cards, including a wide variety of animals from dogs to reptiles, are planned with the intention of teaching girls about unconditional love, responsibility and trust. In an effort to mimic real life, some Chatterchix™ do not have an accompanying pet since some girls don't have an animal in their lives because of allergies or personal choice.

"Pets are a perfect opportunity for girls to learn kindness and compassion. It just seemed natural to include them in the world of Chatterchix™," said Bard.

The initial launch of the trading card collection will include 25 Chatterchix friend cards and 10 pet cards. Rare `Emily' and `Coco' cards will also be released at this time. Starting in July 2008, five Chatterchik™ cards and three Chatterpet™ cards quarterly. Once all 50 girls and 30 pets have debuted, Bard plans to then release international and group friend cards, which would feature girls who are part of different athletic teams and civic groups. Plus, there will be contest opportunities for girls to enter to become the next Chatterchik™.

Each pack of cards will contain six random trading cards. The suggested retail price per pack is $3.95. Wholesale pricing is available upon request, and a special Toy Fair 2008 pricing discount will be available to buyers at the show and through March 31, 2008.

The Chatterchix™ brand will extend beyond trading cards, as well. Hard good merchandise will support the trading card line and offer a more expansive product line for in-store displays. A `fuzzy' notebook and custom-designed purse with pockets specifically for the cards will debut during the initial launch. Wholesale and suggested retail pricing for these items will be announced at the show, though special Toy Fair 2008 pricing will also be available until March 31, 2008.

In addition, a comprehensive and very interactive web site will support the entire Chatterchix™ product line., which will debut in early Spring 2008, will be a safe online haven for girls to grow and learn.

Each Chatterchik™ will have her own page on the site and write regular diary entries for girls to read. Another key part to the site will be the `Weekly Chatter,' which will offer girls the opportunity to write in for advice. Bard will choose a different question to be posted each week, girls can write in with advice on how they have or would handle a similar situation, and Bard will then choose the best entries to post on the site. Other areas of the site will include calendars and to-do lists to help girls, as well as state information and various creative and educational activities.

"I truly envision Chatterchix™ as being endless in opportunity," Bard said. "As a parent and former teacher, I know there will always be a need for girls to learn and benefit from a positive, healthy outlet. I'm proud to be a part of something that will help them do just that."

Robyn Bard is mom to Emily, age 12, Ethan, age 9, and Evan, age 4. She is a former elementary school teacher in Pinellas County. When not spreading the news about Chatterchix™, she enjoys going to the beach, scrapbooking, reading, exercising, and spending time with her friends and children.

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