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Gives new meaning to the question "Where's the remote?"

ARLINGTON, MA (January 31, 2008) — Games For All Reasons, LLC, a leader in the family game category, is unveiling its latest game, REMOTE CONTROL™ at February's American International Toy Fair to be held in New York City February 17 – 20. This newest introduction reflects the original and creative content that the company is known for with its award-winning portfolio of games for all ages.

REMOTE CONTROL is played right on a television set, no plug and play equipment is needed, just a television remote. To win, a player must surf through the TV channels to find numbers that appear on the screen such as a sport score, a price, a phone number or a stock quote to score points. However, at the same time, all the other players are working to spot one of the items on the game cards (for example: a man wearing a tie, a person exercising, something found in a hospital, a hamburger) in order to end the turn and be awarded 1000 bonus points. The player with the highest total score wins.

"We are excited to offer a game that incorporates an everyday household item, the remote, into a fun game for the whole family. And unlike other TV based games on the market, REMOTE CONTROL does not need any additional equipment," says Games For All Reasons president Joan Moravick. "The remote control has always been the source of some heated discussion and now, that energy can be put into a fun, family friendly game format."

For two to four players or teams ages seven and up, REMOTE CONTROL includes 100 game cards, one score pad, and one electronic timer (batteries included). Additionally, players can enjoy competing against friends and relatives across the country by posting scores at or by text message. Available in May, the approximate retail price is $12.99.

A member of the Toy Industry Association, Games For All Reasons was formed in 1996 under the direction of Joan C. Moravick. Products from Games For All Reasons have won numerous awards and accolades from many national consumer and industry groups. Honors include Toy Tips, Parents' Choice, Mensa -- the high IQ society, The Chicago Tribune, Games magazine, Dr. Toy, National Parenting Publications and iParenting.

Games For All Reasons products are available at Target stores, Go!The Game Store, Barnes & Noble and online at, Barnes &,, and, and also via mail order catalogs and at specialty retailers nationwide. Consumers may also call (781) 648-2029 for more information or visit the company's website at

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