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Wild Planet Celebrates 10 Years of Spy Toys
New look, new products, new growth for Spy Gear New look, new products, new growth for Spy Gear

(SAN FRANCISCO, February 1, 2008) – To celebrate 10 years of making spy toys, Wild Planet is redesigning the Spy Gear brand look and logo, upgrading its most popular items, introducing 10 new products and releasing the first Spy Gear board games.

For the past decade Spy Gear has turned kids into super heroes, giving them the power to hear through walls, see around corners, communicate in silence, and protect their belongings. “We attribute Spy Gear’s success to our ability to incorporate advanced, real-world technology into old-fashioned, classic play,” says Daniel Grossman, CEO and founder of Wild Planet.

“Pretending to be a spy is not a new idea,” explains Grossman, “but having a real-working remote-controlled spy vehicle that transmits video and audio back to a private headset – that’s a new way to play spy.”

The Spy Video ATV-360 is one of the new Spy Gear releases scheduled for fall 2008. A follow-up to the brand’s original Spy Video Car launched in 2006, the Spy Video ATV-360 will be the first remote-controlled Spy Gear vehicle to offer video and audio transmission, full-circle spin control, and tank tracks for a mass retail price of $99.

In addition to a collection of other new and refreshed surveillance, communication, security and defense tools, Wild Planet is also launching Spy Trackdown and Spy Wire, the first two games under the Spy Gear brand.

“The game aisle is the next logical progression for the Spy Gear brand,” says Drew Stevenson, Wild Planet’s senior vice president of worldwide sales. “We used technology to transform spy role-play, and now we’re going to bring our spy technology to strategic board games.”

In Spy Trackdown, players scour the globe to locate and capture an evil mastermind. They receive public and private messages via a “satellite spy phone.” The phone also tracks each agent’s location both on the board and in relation to the mastermind’s hideout. Spy Wire is a puzzle game in which players race against the clock to deactivate their opponent’s fuses. Though most Spy Gear is designed for boys, the games will also appeal to girls and families.

Currently, kids in more than 55 countries have access to an array of Spy Gear toys. What began as a two-item launch 10 years ago has transformed into a best-selling brand composed of more than 70 products. When Wild Planet released its Spy Tool Kit and Spy Periscope in 1998, it did not envision that a decade later its spy line would include streaming video transmission and remote dart-launching capabilities. As technology advances, the evolution of Spy Gear continues

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