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Creative Construction
Build flexible figures with lifelike movement Build flexible figures with lifelike movement

Its interchangeable bone-shaped pieces can be combined to make aliens, dinosaurs and other fantastical creatures that move in a lifelike manner.

Rigid parts rotate at the point of connection and motion is enhanced by inserting bendable joints between bones. Form the skeletal framework then add small, flexible connectors to give heads, limbs, tails and torsos realistic movement.

Build predators with dropping jaws and flapping wings, or assemble aliens with wavering tentacles and swaying spines. Kids can make exact replicas of the creatures in their Skeleflex idea books, or they can design their own unique models. Construct a multi-headed, moving martian-asaurus, or follow step-by-step instructions for a more recognizable masterpiece.

Skeleflex sets come in bone or skull-shaped carrying cases and contain enough parts to assemble the alien or dinosaur depicted on its package. Dinosaur collections are based on exaggerated versions of prehistoric reptiles, but kids have the option of putting Triceratops horns on a Velociraptorís head if thatís what makes them happy. All parts are compatible, even between dinosaur and alien species. Idea books contain tips for building grandiose creations by adding on and combining parts from different sets. No matter how tame or outrageous the vision is, it can be built and brought to life.

When the Skeleflex line launches in fall 2008, it will offer 14 assortments: four small Alien and four small Dinosaur sets (in bone cases), two large Alien and two large Dinosaur collections (in skull cases), and one Powerflex Skelelab for each species. The labs come with bones, flexors, a platform and motorized device that connects to the creatureís spine. The motor increases the range and intensity of the movements and lets you control the direction and speed.

Skeleflex: an expandable ball-and-socket building system with flexible connectors that create lifelike movement Each set comes in its own carrying case and includes an idea book with instructions for making multiple models. Recommended Age: 6+ / Available: Fall 2008 MSRP: $9.99 - $12.99 (small); $14.99 - $17.99 (large); $29-99 - $39.99 (Powerflex Skelelabs)

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Toy News

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