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Mary Meyer Presents Print Pizzazz

Print Pizzaz

A stylish collection for Tween and Teen Girls

February 1, 2010 – Townshend, VT – (Virtual Press Office) - Today's little girls are "all about fashion". Mixed prints and bold colors drive their clothing design and room décor. Mary Meyer’s new Print Pizzazz collection of stuffed toys, puff pillows and piggy banks updates soft toys to satisfy today's junior fashionista.

Each of the items in the collection is made from soft, huggable velour. These fabrics are exclusive Mary Meyer fabrics.

There are four product categories in the Print Pizzazz collection:

  • Huggy soft toys for $17
  • Puff Pillows for $35
  • Roly Poly soft toys for $20
  • Piggy Banks for $10

Both the Huggy and Roly Poly soft toys are wonderful home décor for tweens and teens. The Huggy style is 12inches long and includes Cocoa Monkey, Pinky Cat, Cocoa Horse, Pinky Lion, Dazey Elephant and Paize Pup.

The Roly’s are 13inches tall and are a bit overstuffed. Roly Cocoa Owl, Roly Bubbles Frog and Roly Pinky Pup make up this category.

The Piggy Banks are a great place for fashion minded girls to stash their cash. These piggies will be sitting pretty when life calls for a little spending money. The interior is a firm plastic bank, the exterior is a velour fabric shell. Banks are 6" long.

The Puff Pillows blend fashion and function. The big floppy pillows will update any room plus provide a super soft huggable friend. There are three pillows in the collection: Daisy Owl Puff, Bubbles Frog Puff and Paize Puppy Puff, each is 20" long.

For more information visit or call 800-451-4387.

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