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The County Fair GameŽ Returns to the New York Toy Fair with Successful Second Edition

The County Fair GameŽ

CLEVELAND, Feb. 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- J. Bell-Jones LLC, publisher of The County Fair GameŽ, a family board game first issued in 2008, is returning to the American International Toy Fair in New York in February with a second edition of the popular game.

The board game entered the 'county fair' market in August 2008, being offered to fair associations and county fairs across the country. Reception of the game was exciting. "We also noticed that many of our new customers were in the western states, so in 2010 we decided to add a few spaces and game cards for western fair fans, such as a rodeo space and cowboy hat," says Joanne Zwingler Farinacci, creator of the game. J. Bell-Jones LLC also created a new box, designed for retail use.

Sales through catalogs and stores quickly rose, and the game also caught the attention of teachers. In September, the YOUNGSTOWN VINDICATOR in Ohio featured The County Fair Game on its front page, telling of its use as a tool for reading and math skills by teachers there. More teachers acquired games for their schools and classrooms across the country.

"We are returning to the Toy Industry Association's Toy Fair this year with a desire to demonstrate our observation that this game appeals to everyone, everywhere, and to all ages, boys and girls alike," Joanne says.

"Play is traditional," Joanne adds. "The setting is a fair, but the roll of the die and the winning of ribbons and points, the spending of money, the race around the board is simply your basic fun table game. Moreover, this is a wholesome, lively game that features great family and patriotic values. As well, we hear that the 'harness race' activity within the game is popular with teenagers!"

The County Fair GameŽ was honored with a '2010 Game of the Year' award from Creative Child Magazine, and the new edition also won the coveted 'Seal of Approval' from PTPA Media Inc. in Canada.

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SOURCE J. Bell-Jones LLC