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The Tamagotchi King Hereby Decrees the Incorporation of TamagotchiTown

CYPRESS, Calif. --(Business Wire)-- Feb. 2, 2006 Inhabitants of "TamaTown" Celebrate Launch of City and New Tamagotchi(R) Connection(TM) Version 3 Virtual Pet By decree of His Royal Majesty, the Tamagotchi King -- known worldwide as a benevolent and loveable leader -- hereby announces the official launch of TamagotchiTown. A colorful and vibrant city available to visit online only, all of its adorable citizens recently joined together to host an official ribbon cutting ceremony, as well as celebrate the latest version debut of the most famous product to originate from TamaTown: the new Tamagotchi Connection Version 3 tech toy.

"It is my honor to welcome our friends from across the world to come to our great city to visit with me and my fellow citizens," said His Royal Majesty. "Now, kids across the universe will know where the world's first 'virtual pet' was born."

While much is not known about the King and how he came to power, his citizens have voiced tremendous support for his reign. In fact, many state that he enjoys bestowing beautiful gifts to his visitors by giving them unique passwords that they enter into their Tamagotchi V3 egg, so they can collect rings, capes and miniature crowns much like the ones he wears.

In addition to officially incorporating the city, the King also unveiled the new Tamagotchi Connection Version 3, which continues to build on the play patterns of its predecessors. The toy continues to feature "Gotchi" Points and secret codes for shopping, as well as infrared technology that allows owners to "connect" their pets together to play games and trade gifts with one another.

When the product and Web site debuts February 2006, Version 3 will offer a whole new interactive play pattern at Fans can go online and shop in the TamaTown mall, eat in the international food court, watch a movie at the theater, visit with their virtual pet's parents and grandparents, meet the King and even travel the world -- just as long as they have their official Tamagotchi passport. And through the exchange of passwords, special items and treats can then be collected in the Tamagotchi egg as well.

"We have spent many months creating the next generation of this hot tech toy, adding new advanced features that fans are sure to love," said Colleen Sherfey, director of marketing for Bandai America Inc. "There are three unique ways in which to play with Version 3: nurture and care for your virtual pet on its own, explore the world of Mametchi and all his friends on the site, and interact with both your Tamagotchi egg and the Web site through the exchange of passwords. But, you don't need any wires to 'connect' your Tamagotchi to your computer!"

The era of a renewed Tamagotchi phenomenon is dawning worldwide. Now, the popular virtual pet toy from the '90s has been adopted by the next generation of tween and teen fans. Originally launched back in 1996, it went on to sell more than 40 million units worldwide and created a brand new toy category within the industry. Bandai America reintroduced the product in late 2004 with a set of new interactive features as Tamagotchi Connection, creating stronger-than-ever consumer demand in the U.S. and Canada. Recently, the Toy Industry Association named the product as a 2006 "Girl Toy of the Year" finalist in their coveted annual T.O.T.Y. Awards.

Tamagotchi Connection Version 3 includes three new games (for a total of five games), and 20 more characters (for a total of 52). New colors and design styles include Tropical Green Flowers, Jungle Camouflage, Ice Cream, Oceanic Wave, Metallic Silver and Translucent Yellow. Product debuts in February at all major retailers nationwide with a SRP of $14.99.

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Toy News

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About Tamagotchi Connection
The Tamagotchi is an egg-shaped toy that simulates the life cycle of a real pet, letting kids experience the fun without the responsibility and the mess. The advanced Tamagotchi Connection features new infrared communication, which allows owners to "connect," play games, give gifts and become friends while storing a "Friend List" of up to 45 pals. Once an adult, the character can connect with a compatible friend and have a second-generation Tamagotchi that the owner can then nurture into more generations to come. With a larger display and enhanced graphics, Tamagotchi Connection owners can care for their pet by feeding it, playing games, cleaning up after its messes and giving it medicine when it's sick. The more interaction, the more "Gotchi" points earned that can then be used for shopping.
About Bandai America Incorporated
A leader in introducing Japanese toy trends to the United States, Bandai America Incorporated is a subsidiary of NAMCO BANDAI Holdings (USA) Inc., a newly formed joint entity that resulted from the integration of Namco Ltd. and Bandai Co. Ltd. of Japan. Global interests now encompass five strategic business units: toys and hobby (toys, models, apparel and sundries), amusement facilities, game content (home and arcade console gaming), mobile content, and visual and music content (including home entertainment). Bandai America is the manufacturer and master toy licensee of some of the most popular brands in children's toys and entertainment today, including Power Rangers, Teen Titans, Firehouse Tales, Tamagotchi and Magical DoReMi. The company is headquartered in Cypress, California and information is available at