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Alphabotz Toy Industry Judges & Consumers Adore Superphonic Decoder Cards

Baton Rouge, LA (February 3, 2010) – Like the expression it takes a village to raise a child, two industry contests, Toy Man® Awards and California’s Family Choice Awards recognize it takes a robot to raise a good reader! That’s the concept behind the award-winning, whimsical Superphonic Decoder Cards starring the friendly Alphabotz robots.

Successfully learning to read English requires mastering the art of phonics. Phonics is the understanding of how letters combine to make sounds and words. Alphabotz Superphonic Decoder Cards by Ideopolis LLC are an oversized deck of cards developed by a teacher (and parent) to personify 46 sounds of the English language in an engaging and fun way.

Through captivating robots, children learn to unlock the secrets to phonics and hence, reading. Each laminated card features a robot wearing a letter or letter team on its chest and an icon on its head that serves as a constant visual reference to the sound the letter or letter team makes.

As the 2010 recipient of The Toy Man® Seal of Approval, Award of Excellence, and eChoice™ Award in the Books, CD’s, DVD’s, and Comic Books category, Rev. James G.W. Fisher - Editor / Product Evaluation Specialist (aka The Toy Man) wrote of the reaction by kids and parents who played with the cards:

At the public mall in Woodland Hills, CA, and other locations we brought all of the products for hands-on evaluation, the Alphabotz Superphonic Decoder Cards were the best in their category of product both in response level and popularity. In reviewing our videotapes we were able to establish that every card was looked at for an extended period of time. With the other two flash card products we had there, they only received a quick once-over glance and the participants never even completed looking at all of the flash cards for those products.

character on each flash card and the other relevant content. The children were absolutely enthralled by them. I also made note of how parent/child interaction was quite prominent with these cards. This is a very important factor to consider due to the fact that it also is likely to spill over into a teacher/student-learning environment. The children are so focused on the Alphabotz Superphonic Decoder Cards, that outside distractions cause little or no dilution of their effectiveness.

In our reviewing of the consumer hands-on feedback forms which the participants filled out, there was no room for doubt that the Alphabotz Superphonic Decoder Cards were one of the most innovative products we have evaluated to date.

Winning the 2009 Family Choice Awards means that judges representing five of California’s parenting publications – Los Angeles Family, Santa Clarita Family, South Bay Family, San Gabriel Family, and Ventura Family – were truly impressed by Alphabotz and would recommend them as “the very best in children’s and parenting products.”

In addition to winning The Toy Man® Award Seal of Approval, Award of Excellence, and eChoice™ Award; and the Family Choice Award; Alphabotz has collected five additional industry awards in just the past year! These include iParenting Media Award, Dr. Toy 100 Best Children’s Products of 2009, Tillywig Brain Child Award, Mom’s Choice Award, Creative Child 2009 Preferred Choice Award, and Mom’s Choice Award Gold.

For more information on Ideopolis and Alphabotz, visit their award-winning interactive website at

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Four founding partners, Pat Vining, Kelly Barton, Randy Barton, and Nicole Sigsby launched Alphabotz as the first of many educational products. They all agreed that a technically sound, multi-strategy approach to reading -- that was also fun and engaging -- was missing from the juvenile marketplace. The Baton Rouge, LA-based company is enthusiastic about launching other innovative educational programs in 2010.