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Repeat others' actions when you play Patch's Repeat Pete™

BELOIT, Wis.—Repeat Pete is a fast-paced game where players repeat the actions of others in the exact order the actions were performed before the electronic timer runs out.

Here's how it works. The player who performed the last action is always Pete, and the next player must repeat what Pete did plus add a new action. The more players who succeed means other players have even more to remember and repeat. In this game, you'll see people doing things they wouldn't normally do. Imagine a player performing the following sequence before it's your turn:

  • Act and sound like a gorilla.
  • Say "Gimme a Kiss."
  • Dance like a ballerina.
  • Make a "thbbpthbpt" raspberry sound.
  • Bark like a dog.
  • wing an imaginary baseball bat.
Can you do what Pete does without missing a beat?™ If so, you're on your way to victory. But if you mess up the sequence or forget one of the actions, you'll get points added to your score. The player with the lowest score—the best memory—is the winner.

Everyone will be laughing hysterically at all the funny actions and silly sayings in Repeat Pete, a family game for 3 or more players, ages 8 to adult.

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