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BRIK-A-BLOK® TOYS Welcomes You to Its Universe at Booth 5567


In 2009, BRIK-A-BLOK is launching a new category of toys on the market.

A phenomenal springboard for children’s motor, cognitive and social skills is as ingenious as it is safe. Build it, crawl in it, hide in it. A family activity which stimulates the inventive spirit of our future builders!

BRIK-A-BLOK® toy systems provide a fun and easy way for children to recreate the world around them on a child-size scale. Driven by their boundless imagination, and guided only by the simple instructions that come with the toy systems, children are given full artistic license to create architectural structures of their own design.

Panels that can be put together in a snap deliver hours of safe quality play time all year long.

BRIK-A-BLOK® toy systems are merely responding to a fundamental desire that all children have to build their own play space where they can let their imaginations roam free. Be it a fort, a tree house, a play house, a castle, a teepee or a tent, you name it, children from all cultures the world over are captivated and inspired by construction activities. And if they haven’t built their perfect space, they’ve certainly dreamed of building it.

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