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See if your Team Knows it All in Patch’s New Party Game

Patch Products

BELOIT, Wis.—The best part about Patch Products’ new party game, Know It or Blow It™, is that one person doesn’t have to know everything. Instead, teammates work together to know it all.

Know It or Blow It™ tests teams’ knowledge of general information and fun facts like the 3 singing chipmunks, the 5 Great Lakes and Santa’s 8 reindeer.

For each round, a team captain picks the order that teammates will respond. If you know an answer, great. However, if you’re not absolutely, positively sure, you can stop rather than risk your team’s points. The game is for 4 or more players in teams, ages 10 to adult.

Patch also will unveil these party games:

    Malarky® — This updated and repackaged version of the popular game is filled with life’s little mysteries that we sometimes think about but rarely solve. For example, why are tennis balls fuzzy? If you can guess the answers, that’s great. But if you can make up your own believable answers, that’s even better. The game is for 3 to 6 players or teams, ages 10 to adult.

    Buzzword® Bits — This game plays just like the award-winning Buzzword and Buzzword Junior. But instead of getting a complete Buzzword, players are given a letter combo to help them solve a set of clues. So if the letter combo is BP and the clue is slippery yellow fruit skin, what’s your answer? If you guessed Banana Peel, you’re right. The game is for 3 or more players ages 10 to adult.

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    Patch Products, headquartered in Beloit, Wis., is a leading manufacturer and marketer of family entertainment products. Board games, card games, puzzles and collegiate-licensed foam sports toys are the core product lines. Top-selling games include Buzzword®, What’s Yours Like?®, Toss Up!®, Swap!® and the Jeff Foxworthy™ You Might Be a Redneck If…™ Game. For more information, visit