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Debuting India’s Heroes for Playtime Everywhere, Don’t Miss Kridana! at Toy Fair


ARDMORE, Pa. --(Business Wire)-- Feb 05, 2009 Meaning toy or plaything in Sanskrit, Kridana brings to life the heroes of the great epic tale the Ramayana for today’s modern and worldly kids. Popular with the littlest and the oldest, our groundbreaking stuffed animals and action figures – all of which meet or exceed the NEW testing guidelines – are debuting at this year’s Toy Fair.

Founded by Mahender Swami Nathan, a first-generation Indian-American, Kridana springs from his desire to share with kids everywhere the best stories from Indian culture in the same way they learn other stories today, through the engaging, imaginative play of toys and comics. After all, these extraordinary tales have been shared across generations through almost every other medium imaginable -- orally passed down from generation to generation, books written and illustrated, paintings, sculpture, music, and dance. Through play, Mahender could share these timeless heroes and their incomparable adventures with our youngest generation in step with the 21st century.

Thus began Kridana. We cashed out our savings, found designers to create the images, traveled abroad to find a factory, and, at the end of our adventure, have made some amazing toys. Now we want to share them with you here at Toy Fair!

We’re proud that for so many of our customers, our toys are the first ones they dig out of the toy chest in the morning, their inseparable buddy during the day (and at show-and-tell!), and the last ones they snuggle tight at night.

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