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iToys Takes i-TOP for Another Dazzling Spin


Toronto, Canada, February 6, 2009 – i-TOP, the critically-acclaimed and award-winning futuristic spinning top from iToys that “quickly spun” into a phenomenon when it premiered in 2003, returns in 2009 with a fresh look and cool new features. The perfect pocket-sized high-tech toy, i-TOP mesmerizes gamers with its smooth spins, hot graphics, challenging games and hidden secrets.

iToys releases the all-new i-TOP to specialty retailers in fall 2009.

“i-TOP was an incredible hit in 26 countries when we first launched it, and we’re thrilled to introduce our newest and most exciting i-TOP to date,” said iToys Toycoon George Irwin. “The latest version features eye-catching colors and addictive games to captivate a whole new audience.”

The new i-TOP will be available in three bold colors — blue, green and white — and will feature two ways to play. In “Top Spin,” players spin the top hard and fast to max out the revolutions then play again to beat the high score. In “sTOP 99,” players are challenged to stop the i-TOP on its 99th revolution. Players who stop the top three consecutive times on its 99th spin unlock the top’s hidden secrets. With each three consecutive 99s new secrets are unlocked. Players can strive for the highest sTOP 99 level, Pro Badge level 8, which lights up and stays illuminated during game play as proof of the achievement. In all, there are eight levels of play in sTOP 99, each one rewarded and new secrets unlocked for the most skilled.

iToys’ i-TOP includes the following special features:

  • Two ways to play
  • Try-Me packaging
  • Light-up scores and graphics
  • Try-Me packaging
  • Hidden secrets revealed in game play
  • The new i-TOP, like its predecessors, the i-TOP and i-TOP PRO, is an irresistibly-engaging digital redux of the 4,000-year-old gyrating classic designed for 21st Century gamers. Like all tops, players must spin the i-TOP to play. But, once spinning, the i-TOP comes to life with lights, graphics and action. Unlike other spinning tops, i-TOP features a complex, built-in digital compass that detects the Earth’s magnetic field and keeps track of each revolution, senses and registers the speed of each turn, and keeps perfect score every time.

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    Formed in 2003, iToys, Inc. recaptures the spirit of the highly respected Irwin Toy moniker with original toys as well as beloved classics with a 21st Century spin, including the critically-acclaimed Deal or No Deal electronic games. Led by brothers George and Peter Irwin, toy industry veterans from the venerable Irwin Toy family, iToys is dedicated to recapturing the glory days of Irwin Toy – the Canadian toy company founded by their grandfather – and expanding on the legacy to touch families everywhere. iToys’ all-new generation of cutting-edge toys are designed to dazzle and delight children of all ages.