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Don't Rock the Boat

Patch Products announces action-packed new games for 2012

Flash & Furious, Don't Rock the Boat and Cluck 'N' Chuck to hit store shelves.

BELOIT, Wis.- Known for its edge-of-your-seat, family-favorite games, Patch does it again with 2012's lineup. Flash & Furious™ is the new party game that's sure to steal the show; and two new children's games - Don't Rock the Boat™ and Cluck 'N' Chuck™ - will delight the youngest of game players. These games are sure to provide fun for the whole family!

You've never played a game quite like Flash & Furious! This game for two to five players or teams centers around a custom Flasher stand. Up to four players are assigned a color, and a random flash of light in your color signals the beginning - and the end - of your turn! Questions are simple: name a type of hairstyle, an airline, a hobby, a pizza topping. Easy, right? Not when you only have about two seconds to come up with a response! For ages 12 and up.

Also this year, two new skill-and-action games are joining Patch's roster of fun-filled children's games, and they're perfect for kids ready to put their speed and agility to the test!

Don't Rock the Boat will have kids channeling their inner pirates without fear of having to walk the plank! The play pieces for this game are fun pirate penguins, and play takes place aboard their pirate ship. Take turns trying to balance the pirate penguins on the ship, but if you rock the boat and send some mateys overboard, ye be a loser! For ages 5 and up.

Cluck 'N' Chuck is a game that's bursting with fun - and chickens! This game for two to four players will leave kids in hysterics as they try to contain runaway chickens. Roll the die to see which chickens you can chuck into the coop. But move quickly before the coop jumps up and they all fly out! For ages 4 and up.

For more information on Patch Products or the 2012 lineup of games, visit or call 1-800-524-4263.

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