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Madame Alexander® Makes Fashion History

Madame Alexander® Makes Fashion History Madame Alexander continually creates fashion dolls of exquisite design that are inspired by the most popular fashions of the times. This year, Madame Alexander's 2008 collection reverts back to the glamorous, timeless looks of various decades that have created movements in the fashion industry. From the style pulled from the elegant and feminine designs of the 30s, 40s and 50s, to classic haute couture fashion, Madame Alexander's dolls are making fashion history.

Arte Exquisite
Midnight Exotique brings you all the marvel of the night sky. The Cissette doll has hand-painted green eyes and black curly hair. She is dressed in a pink chiffon dress that has gold trim and a purple brocade belt. The underskirt to the dress is blue organza with beads, gold embroidery and blue pearl string fringe. Over the dress, Midnight Exotique wears a dramatic blue velvet coat, which has a pink lining and a beaded turquoise appliqué. A purple brocade turban enriched with a black feather, gold trim and a large brown rhinestone set in gold, lavender heels with pearls and nude stockings complete Midnight Exotique's outfit.

Belle Enchantress, a 10" Coquette, will definitely enchant you! She wears a lampshade style, blue satin dress that has a gold waistband with gold and blue floral appliqués. Fur trim and matching boa add an extra touch of je ne sais quoi. Beneath, she wears a floor length black skirt. A black pearl necklace and black strappy shoes accessorize Belle Enchantress' fascinating look. A gold turban with a blue gemstone sits atop her black bob and accents her deep blue, hand-painted eyes.

With a coy expression on her freshly painted Coquette face, Femme Fatale proves herself to be a flirt of the first order. Her hand-painted brown eyes and dark auburn hair, which is styled in a low set bun with finger waves, adds intrigue to her demure look. She is wearing an ankle length, empire style, gold/green gown that has a beaded overlay. The dusty blue tulle overlay, slightly shorter than the gown, is dazzling with copper, tan and brown beading. Take the lace over-lay off and you have an outfit featuring a sleek sheath. In addition, she wears a blue lined, gold Dupioni coat that is trimmed with fur. A necklace composed of three cascading strings of beads, nude stockings, gold strappy shoes and a blue satin headband complete the look of Femme Fatale.

Alex Runway Collection
Captivating Swashbuckler Shadow is a magnificently colorful 16" Alex with Latin skin, abundantly curly auburn hair and brown eyes. Alex wears tan suede pants with a white blouse that has a ruffled neckline and lace trim. Over the blouse are a brocade corset and a dashing full-length red, yellow, orange, brown weave coat. Wrapped around her head is a purple iridescent scarf upon which sits a black hat that is fabulously decorated with red and gold ribbon and blue and red feathers. In addition, Captivating Swashbuckling Shadow wears knee-high black velvet boots that have a rhinestone application, hoop earrings, a black belt to hold her gold cutlass (sword) and two iridescent color ribbons around her waist. Naturally, Alex has, as any decent pirate would, red toes and fingernails.

Flirty 30s Glamour Suzette Morgan® is a lush doll with shoulder length, dark red, wavy hair. She looks stunning in a mermaid style, cream colored, silk charmeuse gown that has a georgette drape over her bust and falls in a long cascade down her back. The ivory Venice lace inset at her bust matches the trim on the dress' skirt. A beaded detail of aurora borealis Swarovski crystals, rose pearls and coral seed beads, scattered in an abstract pattern embellishes the lace on her skirt, as well as the georgette drape. A beaded band at the back of the gown helps keep the dress secure and adds an additional touch of glamour. Drop pearl earrings, nude pantyhose and cream-colored mules look fabulous with Flirty 30's Glamour Suzette Morgan®'s gown and her silk beaded purse.

40s New York Fashion Plate Amanda Fairchild® wears a chocolate brown and turquoise hounds tooth, military style skirt suit. Turquoise velvet piping and mock buttons made from faceted beads add a nice touch to the brown jacket. Her matching chocolate brown and turquoise hounds tooth hat, with brown velvet trim and beaded accent, sits on her dark brown hair, which is curled and pinned up in back. Nude tricot pantyhose, a brown and turquoise suede purse and turquoise and brown oxford sling back pumps complete the ensemble for this green-eyed New York Fashion Plate Amanda Fairchild®.

Hopelessly Fabulous 50s Sienna Evans®, with grey-brown eyes and blonde curly hair swept up in an up do, is pretty in pink. Sienna wears a light pink silk Dupioni, dropped waist halter top dress that has a full skirt. The skirt is made even more fabulous by the addition of box pleats, a pink belt with a rhinestone buckle, a scattering of rhinestones and a ruffled, pink tulle petticoat. A white fur boa with rhinestone accents, nude thigh highs, a matching bag and pink shoes are the reason why 16" Hopelessly Fabulous 50's Sienna Evans® is not `hopeless' at all.

Cissy® Collection
Brilliant Cascade Cissy® has blue eyes and a Grecian style upswept hairdo that has a golden braid decoration. Her dress, of gold net and lace, dips slightly in the back. Gorgeous jewelry, earrings and bracelets, long, nude colored gloves, panties and vinyl heels with a gold trim and gold base translate into one knockout of a Brilliant Cascade Cissy®.

Shimmering Touch Cissy® glimmers and glows. This fully articulated 21" Cissy, with blue eyes and a red bob, wears a turquoise silk trapeze dress that is overlaid with black sequin net and has a double layer petticoat beneath. The petticoat combines blue net and green tulle and adds an exciting dimension to the dress. Blue net thigh highs worn over black glissenette thigh highs have a shimmering effect. Shimmering Touch Cissy® wears black panties and brown open toed shoes that have a hint of white polka dots. An orange sequin bracelet and silver dangle earrings add even more glamour. Long black Lycra gloves and an orange and gold sequin clutch are the dynamic final touches for Shimmering Touch Cissy.

Timeless Beauties Collection
This new collection by Timothy Alberts and Dale Richards revives a custom from centuries past when famous beauties of the time were publicly celebrated. In the 19th century, they were called PB's or Professional Beauties. Their pictures were placed in shop windows, magazine articles were written about them and, perhaps most importantly, they were received everywhere. They were feted and courted for their beauty. In this Timeless Beauties collection, Alberts and Richards have brought the concept of ideal beauty to the forefront once again, using the 1950's as their backdrop.

Timeless Beauty Rose Cissy® is blonde and beautiful. Rose wears a luminous, tea rose pink satin dress. Her sculptural silhouette is completed at the bottom by layered ruffle, designed to resemble an upside down rose. The beading on the bodice and sleeves of the gown creates a bouquet of tiny roses made from pink and white organza ribbon and silver and seed pearl embellishment. Her silver and pearl dangle earrings and a double strand pearl necklace complement her French twist hairdo. Pink faille beaded shoes, a diamond bracelet and a luxurious stole, as well as full length white gloves, complete Rose's look. Her ensemble is worn over a specially designed 1950's body shaper, which contributes to Rose's stunning, Timeless Beauty appeal.

Timeless Beauty Violet Cissy® is striking and iconic. She has a chic, short dark brown hairdo. Her full-skirted ball gown has a strapless, heart shaped bodice with a tuxedo collar. The bodice, encrusted with sequins, fades from purple into black and is attached to a multi-layered tulle skirt that follows the same color palette. The black sequins are also scattered over the tulle skirt, enhancing the overall sumptuous look of her ensemble. Hidden beneath the layers of black and purple tulle lies a yellow petticoat that represents the yellow center of the violet flower. Worn with the dress is a spectacular, full-skirted opera coat made from black and violet silk. Amethyst earrings, a `jeweled' bracelet, a decorative pin, black satin shoes decorated with amethyst stones and black full-length gloves complete Violet's glamorous outfit. For an even greater allure, Violet wears a specially designed 1950's black body shaper under her gown.

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The Alexander Doll Company, a New York-based company, is now celebrating its 85th Anniversary, continuing the tradition, elegance and innovation of Madame Alexander® dolls with a full line of fine quality, handcrafted collectible dolls, fashion dolls, baby dolls and play dolls. The company has created a series of "firsts" that have shaped the doll industry and has always been a pioneer of style and quality in this community.