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Born of Dutch Ingenuity, Kapla Blocks Sweep Europe and Land in the States
Discover Why This New Craze is Different than Traditional Block Play

Discover Why This New Craze is Different than Traditional Block Play

Savannah, GA His childhood dream was to build a castle in southern France, and in the 80s, art historian Tom Van Der Bruggen left Holland to pursue it. Out of his quest came the creation of Kapla blocks, which has since become a classic toy all over Europe.

His castle construction drawings evolved into models, and while Van Der Bruggen tried using toy building blocks, he discovered typical blocks, though widely available, were too clunky and awkward to build anything of elegance. He needed planks.

From there Van Der Bruggen developed Kapla, which means "pixie planks" in Dutch. He considers the ideal 1:3:5 size ratio a "compromise between constructive and expressive quality." If shorter, they would lose construction capability, and if longer, they would hinder expression.

Kapla planks are all the same size and shape. This unique feature opens up limitless challenges and possibilities that grow with children's development. A 3-year-old can build a simple tower, while a 13-year-old can construct the Eiffel tower.

Kapla 200-Piece All Natural set includes a building guide that's loaded with ideas (SRP $66), Kapla 40-Piece Color set features a hardcover art book with photos of creations designed to inspire (SRP $40); and Kapla 40-Piece Color Cubes come in seven different colors (SRP $30). Now that Kapla has come to the United States, run out and get it at specialty stores and museum shops nationwide!

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Toy News

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About Kapla
In 2006, Kapla USA first introduced Van Der Bruggen's innovative planks to the US through museums, toy, and education specialty stores. Visit