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Fundex Games Expands Phase 10 Brand
New proprietary board game will be presented at 2008 American International Toy Fair

Fundex Games Expands Phase 10 Brand

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (February, 2008) — Fundex continues to expand its Phase 10® brand with the new board game, Phase 10 Twist™. Phase 10 is a game of steps in which players must achieve one goal (making a card hand of two sets of threes, for example) before moving on to the next phase. It’s ideal for all ages; simple to learn, yet challenging to master.

The board game plays just like the classic card game except that special game board “Twist” spaces take the competition to a new level of fun. On those spaces, players must decide whether to complete a select phase - or - draw a “Twist Phase” card. These cards offer new and progressively more challenging phases to complete. The choice is risky, but other players don’t know what the special phase is and just may discard the card needed. The first player to move around the game board, completing all the required phases, is the winner.

“Phase 10, one of the world’s best selling card games, celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2007,” said Daniel Sabato, Director of Marketing, Fundex Games. “We are expanding into new game categories with Phase 10 Twist, as well as new game platforms with Phase 10, include mobile and hand held that enable a new generation of kids, as well as adults, to play Phase 10 anywhere, anytime.”

Phase 10 Twist is designed for 2 to 6 players, ages 10 and up.

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About Fundex Games
Fundex Games, Ltd., founded in 1986, is a privately-held company based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company produces a wide range of board games, dice games, card games, outdoor games and jigsaw puzzles, including award-winning Alfredo’s Food Fight™, Jarts™, Highrise™, top-seller Phase 10® and Great American Puzzle Factory® puzzles for mass and specialty retailers in North America. For more information, visit