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Madame Alexander Celebrates 85th Anniversary with Commemorative Limited Edition Collection
Alexander Doll Company celebrates years of both tradition and contemporary licenses

Madame Alexander Celebrates 85th Anniversary

Alexander Doll Company, known for tradition, elegance and innovation, turns 85 this year. Since its inception in 1923, the Alexander Doll Company has strived to create beautifully crafted dolls to delight children and collectors of all ages. Throughout the years, the company has continued to honor Madame's original vision while incorporating contemporary characters and modern materials into its work.

To celebrate this milestone anniversary, Madame Alexander has created a special collection of limited edition dolls - all four of its legendary sculpts - that pay tribute to past perfection and timeless designs created over the decades. Each doll reflects the ultimate in design beauty and is adorned with a special 85th Anniversary hang tag.

85th Anniversary Cissette wears a luscious white taffeta and pleated tulle gown featuring a bodice that has been bedazzled by black and crystal rhinestones. The same treatment has been repeated on the multi-petal peplum. Beneath the gown is a black taffeta petticoat, as well as nude pantyhose and black satin shoes. 85th Anniversary Cissette is adorned in a two-strand necklace and stud earrings. A black stole, braided, upswept hair and painted nails and toes add a few final touches of drama to this blue-eyed, blonde haired Cissette.

85th Anniversary Cissy® is both glamorous and dramatic. This gorgeous Cissy, who has an ivory bob and captivating blue eyes that are shadowed with shades of white, black and grey, will be the center of attention when she walks into any room. She is dressed in a cream silk dress that has an overlay of black beaded tulle and cream yarn fringe. A black ultra-suede belt, which has been given a treatment of rhinestones and silver applications cinches in her waist. Over her dress, 85th Anniversary Cissette wears a glorious coat of silver and black brocade that has been lavishly trimmed with black fur. Black gloves and black ultra-suede platform boots accessorize this ensemble. Adding the finishing touch is a black ultra-suede, fitted pillbox hat that features a rhinestone embellishment.

85th Anniversary Wendy, an 8" with auburn curls and blue eyes, is a vision in her cream silk bodice dress with gold waist and straps and multi-layered cream tulle skirt. The top layer of the skirt has touches of gold embroidery. The separate sleeves match the cream tulle of the skirt. Beneath the dress, 85th Anniversary Wendy wears cream silk panties, nude glissenette tights and white ballet slippers. An additional touch, gold embroidered ribbon and pearls in her hair, gives this little lady even more to celebrate.

85th Anniversary Lissy® has auburn curly hair and brown eyes. She looks like she is ready to dance in her cream silk and tulle dress. The cream satin bodice with separate tulle sleeves has a gold accent at the waist and matching gold straps. The top layer of her multi-tiered tulle skirt has been embellished with gold embroidery. Beneath the skirt, 85th Anniversary Lissy® wears cream silk panties, nude glissenette tights and white ballet slippers. Her pretty hair has been made all the more lovely by the addition of embroidered gold ribbon and pearls.

Tiny Betty Happy Birthday, with blue eyes and auburn curly hair, celebrates both her birthday and Madame Alexander's 85th Anniversary in her fanciest party dress. The pretty pink voile frock has a pink satin waistband, two rows of pink and white lace trim on the skirt and rhinestone accents. Beneath, Betty wears a lace trimmed petticoat and panties. White sock and black shoes adorn her feet, and as a final touch, she has a pink satin ribbon, which has been enriched by rhinestones, in her hair.

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About Alexander Doll Company
The Alexander Doll Company, a New York-based company, is now celebrating its 85th Anniversary, continuing the tradition, elegance and innovation of Madame Alexander® dolls with a full line of fine quality, handcrafted collectible dolls, fashion dolls, baby dolls and play dolls. The company has created a series of "firsts" that have shaped the doll industry and has always been a pioneer of style and quality in this community.