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Force Flyers

Regal Elite to Bring their Own Unique Form of Magic to Toy Fair 2012 in NYC

Glove-Controlled 'Copter and Robotic Dinosaur Puzzles to Highlight Company's Fourth Show Appearance

Plain City, OH (7 February, 2012) – Toys. They create magic for children of all ages; and there's no better showcase for the wonders and wizardry of playthings than the 109th annual American International Toy Fair® in New York City.

For sure there will be magic in the booths and magic on the tables, but thanks to the contributions of Columbus, Ohio-based Regal Elite, there will also be magic in the air … as well as on the floor Making their fourth appearance at the world's largest international trade show for the toy industry, Regal Elite will unveil Force Flyers, their new, highly unique line of remote controlled-aircraft.

But these creations are far from your run-of-the-mill flying helicopters. Operated via Glove Force Technology (GFT), the Force Flyer is patented by former NASA engineers and unique to Regal Elite, offering multiple dimensional flight through a motion controlled glove. "Force flyers were inspired by the desire to take the Wii generation and bring them back to the physical world of play," said Regal Elite's vice president Jeff Hartman.

"When they experience this product in action, show visitors will see that moving a physical object with the mere twist of the wrist remains just as magical as an image on a video screen … perhaps even more so. " Not content to settle for the heavens, Regal Elite will also showcase their most recent line of Robotime products, Creative Child Magazine's 2010 and 2011 Toy of the Year. 3D motion-activated wooden dinosaur and Pleistocene-era robotic mammals, Robotime allows children to build their own T-Rex, sabre tooth tiger, woolly mammoth and triceratops that will actually roar, snap and run. Without the need for glue or tools, these realistic prehistoric pets can be mastered through remote control or allowed to roam free with the click of a switch.

Through Force Flyers and Robotime, Regal Elite continues the legacy they established back in 2010. "Two years ago, we introduced Howlers and Roffle Mates, two lines of interactive stuffed animals that weave and bob, sing and roll on the floor. The Roffles were so popular when they launched, that Jay Leno introduced them on his Christmas product show.

Can remote controlled helicopters and roaring giant dinosaur puzzles be far behind? We'll find out next week! For additional information on Regal Elite's entire line of toys and accessories, please visit On site at Toy Fair®, please visit Regal Elite at Booth 3245

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