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Zoobies™ Will Introduce Zoo Collection

Zoobies™ Will Introduce "Zoo Collection" at Toy Fair

Zoobies™ have only been around for a year, but they are already releasing a new product line for 2008 called the "Zoo Collection." Zoobies™ are patented plush animals that transform into pillows and blankets. Since the company launch at the 2007 New York Toy Fair, they have grown to 825 specialty retailers in the U.S. and won multiple awards including Creative Child Magazine's Toy of the Year, TD Monthly's Top Toy Award, Oppenheim Gold Award, and others.

Appropriate for all ages, the new Zoo collection includes eight SKUs: Poallu the Polar Bear, Taj the Tiger, Pin the Panda,Tama the Tortoise, and limited editions Orazio the Orangutan, Gogo the Gorilla, Khimba the Koala (& baby Kai), and Bobo the Baboon.

Zoobie inventor JC Smoot says, "I'm so excited to go back to Toy Fair. Last year was huge for us and I think this year will be even better." The "Zoobie Boys", as they are affectionately called by their sales reps, will be sporting life sized Zoobie costumes this Toy Fair. Attendees will not want to pass by booth #5018.

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