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Blamtastic Tween Team Entrepreneurs To Debut Blamtasticís Kid-Centric Line of Products at New York International Toy Fair

Sunday, February 14th through Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

ALPHARETTA, Ga. --(Business Wire)-- Feb 08, 2010 Retailers are puckering up to Blamtastic profits. Tween entrepreneurs and super-sisters, Lily and Melanie Sandler, ages 12 and 10 respectively, are fresh from a successful appearance at the Atlanta International Gift Market with their own innovative line of natural based lip balms and accessories for kids and tweens. The girls are anxious to debut Blamtastic at the New York International Toy Fair. Blamtasticís popular product lines have defied the recession and grown to become an international sensation.

Lily and Melanie know the market because, heck, they ARE the market. They know that 60% of kids use lip balm every day. These kid-trepreneurs created a top quality line of lip protection which traded the questionable synthetic ingredients of traditional lip protectants in favor of wholesome natural ingredients. All of Blamtasticís kid-centric flavors combine the benefits of SPF 15 and natural ingredients with a taste and glide that provides more than lip service to what their target customers love. With 12 collectible flavors, in cool packaging that kids and tweens go crazy for, the demand has been remarkable.

Blamtastic also knows that boys need lip protection. But, letís be honest, boys despise girly lip products. Blamtastic is the only company with a line of lip protection designed just for guys with edgy flavors and packaging they love.

Blamtasticís original Lip BLAM Sleeves mean the BLAM will never go through the wash in pants pockets. BLAM slides easily into sleeves which then hook onto notebooks, sports bags, purses, belt loops or backpacks for super fast BLAM application! Blamtastic is never tested an animals (thatís just mean!) and is always made in the USA.

Visit Blamtastic at the Javits Center in NYC beginning Sunday, February 14th through Wednesday, February 17th, 2010, Booth #6452 to see what the fuss is all about!

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Blamtastic is 100% kid-powered company which creates Natural Based Lip Balms and Accessories for kids and tweens.