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Playroom Entertainment Introduces First Toy Lines at Toy Fair

New York, NY - (February 8, 2012) - (Virtual Press Office) - Playroom Entertainment announces the debut of its first toy lines. With more than a decade of fame for its complete line of high quality board games and cards games, including the phenomenally successful Killer Bunnies® games, Playroom Entertainment bounds into Toy Fair (Booth 6127), not only with great new games, but with its first toy lines, led by none other than new Killer Bunnies® toys.

The ever popular Killer Bunnies are going 3D by bouncing off the game cards to become the first offspring of Playroom Entertainment's premier line of plush products.

Dan Rowen, President of Playroom Entertainment, said, "Adding toy lines to our company product offerings was the next natural step as Playroom enters its second decade in business. In addition to adding exceptionally high quality new wood toys and puzzles, we recognized that as the Killer Bunnies characters continue to grow in mainstream popularity, we are meeting a consumer demand for toy versions of the hilarious bunny characters."

While the Killer Bunnies plush populates part of the Playroom exhibit, the company's new Three Magicians™ Wooden Toys and Puzzles also find an enchanting display as new items. The characters in the spell-binding Three Magicians line are available for young children to put together, stack and cherish. Each Three Magicians Wooden Toy features durable, high quality materials and detailed artwork, making them the perfect toys to spark imagination and creativity. With the Three Magicians™ Wooden Puzzles, each new puzzle challenges payers to match the images with the correct spaces to complete the puzzle. Like the toys, the Three Magician Wooden Puzzles are made of high quality durable materials and enhance fine-motor skills and spatial awareness for little exploring fingers and expanding minds.

Still on a slight departure from its core game business, Playroom will also showcase its new Holiday Ornament puzzles. The company is pleased to decorate its Toy Fair domain with a set of six different 100-piece puzzles. As great stocking stuffers, these unique ornaments are more than just festive holiday decorations. Each ornament displays beautiful seasonal artwork and contains a 6" x 6" (when assembled) puzzle inside.

Over on its game side, Playroom is ready with great new titles that include Barnyard Buddies™, Catch a Falling Star™, Broomsticks and Backflips™, Magician's Cookbook™, Peek-A-BOO!™, and Zozzle™, like the other games in the Bright Ideas line, have been designed as affordable skills games for 4-6 and up age groups. Each game in the line plays to different skills sets through innovative themes and style elements.

In Barnyard Buddies™, players need to help Farmer Brown find the animals on his farm. Every night before he goes to bed, he looks in the barnyard to make sure all of his animals are there. Today, they are playing hide and seek with Farmer Brown. He needs your help to find his animals so he can go to bed. He has horses, cats, dogs, pigs, and cows in each of his favorite colors: red, blue, yellow, green, and purple. Find out which animal is missing and quickly grab the card showing that animal before the other players get it. Whoever collects the most animals wins the game! Designed by Reinhard Staupe, the game contains 50 playing cards and instructions in English, Spanish and French.

Help a fallen star shine bright again in Catch a Falling Star™. A mysterious shooting star has fallen to earth and is stuck on the washing line! It is your job to try to give the little star's rays back, without letting any of them fall down. Some rays will stick to the star, while others will not. You'll need skill and luck to help the fallen star be complete again! Designed by Christian Sovis, the game contains 1 game board, a star with 3 magnets, a wishing line, 2 wooden poles, 12 long star rays with a metal ring, 20 long star rays without a metal ring and instructions.

Broomsticks and Backflips™ High on a rocky ledge stands a wondrous witch‘s cottage. Excitedly, the little witch points to the magic ball and challenges you to a race. The first one to reach the magic ball wins! Players roll the die and move their witch figures accordingly, or, sometimes can use a magic broom to travel faster. However, there's a catch; only one side of each figure can be attached to the broom. In order to fly the broom, players have to learn and remember which side of their figure will attach to the broom! If you want your broom to fly, you have to watch on which side you lie! Who will be the first to reach the magic ball at the top of the tower? Designed by Klaus Kreowski, the game contains, 1 game board, 4 witch figures with a built-in metal clip, 4 magnetic witch's brooms, a die and easy to follow instructions.

Magician's Cookbook™ is The Enchanted Game of Potion Commotion! Oh no! There are not enough ingredients for the magic potion. Use the magical mirrors to easily multiply the ingredients, then try to cook the magic potions from the old Magician's Cookbook™ as fast as possible. However, all of the ingredients aren't always available. Designed by Gebrüder Frei, the game contents: 4 magic cauldron sets, 4 wooden pawns, 16 mirror foil stickers, 32 wooden firestones, 8 fireplaces, 22 recipe tiles, 2 cookbook covers, a mouse assistant, game board and instructions.

Peek-A-BOO!™ is a ghostly game where children, disguised as ghosts tiptoe secretly through the old mansion. But little do they know, a real ghost has joined them! Use the mirrors to discover each person's true identity and unveil the ghost. The game contains a mechanical turning game board, 4 ghost pawns, 4 candles, 32 chips, 4 mirrors, 12 cards, a die and instructions.

Zozzle™ is the children's version of the memory puzzle. In Zozzle™, players will need a good memory to complete their puzzles before their opponents. To play, Zoozle™, 45 tiles are placed face-down and shuffled. On each turn, a player reveals two tiles. If the images match, the tile is added to the player's own puzzle. If the images don't match, the turn is over and the tiles remain. The player to finish his/her image first wins! Zozzle is available in four fun editions - On Safari, Under the Sea, Fun on the Farm and Deep in Space! Each game contains 45 tiles and instructions in English, Spanish and French.
Zozzle was designed by Elena Fyrogeni.

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Playroom Entertainment, based in Sherman Oaks, California, is a leading marketer of original board games and card games. The company was founded in 2000 on a commitment to produce high-quality games from the best designers in the world and bring them into homes for families to enjoy together. Led by the phenomenal success of its Killer Bunnies® and the Quest for the Magic CarrotÔ card game series, Playroom Entertainment currently boasts an award-winning line-up of over 75 products that have been individually honored and brand recognized. Playroom's wide range of games are sold at specialty toy, game, gift, educational and book retailers nationwide. For more information on Playroom Entertainment products, call 866-999-9654 or visit